April 14, Portland Arms, Cambridge UK

4月14日(金)ケンブリッジのPortland Arms
モーニングを食べにWeather Spoonへ。マッシュルームエッグベネディクト再び。
Atsuko and I went to have a breakfast to Weather Spoon. I had mushroom egg Benedict again.

We left London at 14:00 and arrived at Cambridge. Load in, setting the stage, sound check and sat up merch table.

After that we went to a pub at the venue. I ordered fish and chips. I was very hungry and ate it before taking a picture.

ライブはSOLD OUT! お客さん満杯の大盛況。ありがとう!ありがとう!忙しすぎてあまり写真撮る暇なかった〜。ロンドンのホテルに戻り、おやすみなさい。
Our show was SOLD OUT! Many people came and seemed enjoying our show. Thank you soooooo much! I couldn’t have a time to take pictures because I was so busy. We went back to the hotel and went to bed.