April 18, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham UK

4月18日(火)ノッティンガムのRescue Rooms

We left London at noon. We stayed in London totally 10 days which style is like a base camp and went to other cities to play. Our everyday stay different hotel tour is starting. 3 hours later we arrived at the venue in Nottingham.

After we finished our everyday’s task, I ate Pad Thai at an Asian restaurant near the venue. It was my first Thai food for this tour. The restaurant wasn’t a real Thai restaurant, that’s fine. There was not much seafood but Naruto and fake crab fish cake included much.

We dropped a Chinese supermarket. Smelled like Chinese octagon. This is the tote bag at the market. Sumo wrestler?!

I made drum head art.

Atsuko and Risa did exercise before the show.

Then showtime! It was very packed. Thank you for coming to our show! Atsuko and I went to our merch table as usual right after the show. I was happy to see the audience directly. Everyone is friendly. Fun! Our new album” Our Best Place” will be sold out soon. Wow!