April 23 Hull UK 🇬🇧 New Adelphi (Atsuko)


We left the hotel at 12:00 p.m., drove a bit, and bought a scone at a cafe that stood alone, and it was delicious! Jam and clotted cream sandwiched. It was a Sunday afternoon, and the restaurant was crowded, as if it were popular.


On the way, we stopped at a service area and checked into a hotel.


Arrived at the venue. We played here in 2018.


The design of the backrest of the bench by the wall is GOOD.


There were familiar glass bottles in the dressing room. The ceiling and walls were filled with posters of bands that had played here before.


For dinner we went to a nearby steakhouse and I had a 10oz steak! Sometimes eating beef gives me energy. POWER!!


We Rocked today, too! Thank you for coming to see our show. 


After the show, the owner said, “Your live performance made the British people smile and went home.” I’m so happy!