April 24 A Day Off in Hull UK 🇬🇧 (Atsuko)


Good morning! Today was the last day off. Starting tomorrow, we will have 8 consecutive days until the last day of the tour! We had a radio interview at 11:00, but we can do it online in the hotel room, so that’s good.

お昼前には直子とプチ観光に出かけました。りさちゃんはケンキチさんと買い物に行ったようです。私たちの目的地はThe Deepという水族館。

Before noon, Naoko and I went out for a sightseeing. Risa went shopping with Kenkichi. Our destination was an aquarium called The Deep.

直子さん、絶対やる機械。The Penny Press.

Naoko likes this machine, The Penny Press.


We had lunch at the aquarium cafe. I had lasagna.


We entered!


with Nemo(clownfish).


Yellow dogface puffer.


Left the aquarium and took a walk. Hull Minster was closed on Monday…


Arrived at the mall.


There was an arcade. We played.


Tea time!


We walked again to another mall next to Hull Station.

モールでは何も買うものは無かった。晩ごはん用に中華の食べ放題の店で持ち帰りにした。持ち帰る場合は値段はほぼ半額でプラスチックのお弁当箱を渡されて、自分で詰める方式。好きなものだけ選べられるし、ね。最初、”お弁当箱、小さ!”って思ったけど、詰め詰めしたらずっしり重かった。(笑) 部屋に戻ってご飯食べて10時には就寝。

There was nothing to buy for me at the mall. We decided to take it to an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant for dinner. If you want to take it home, the price is almost half and you are given a plastic box to pack it yourself. You can choose only what you like.  At first, I thought, “The plastic box is so small!” but when I packed it, it was heavy.   We went back to the hotel and ate dinner. I went to bed around 10 pm.