April 28, Night & Day Cafe, Manchester UK

4月28日(金)英国マンチェスターのNight & Day Cafe

After I did one interview, we left the hotel at noon. We drove an hour and a half, dropped at WAGAMAMA which is a Japanese style restaurant chain in the UK and had Chicken Cutlet Curry. Chicken Cutlet Curry and Pumpkin croquette became a basic menu in the UK nowadays. Pumpkin croquette is similar taste of Japanese one but Curry and rice are different.

その後一旦ホテルにチェックインしてから会場へ。今日もSOLD OUT だそう。ありがたい。グッズコーナーを設営してたら、そこに居た人が我々の様子のスケッチをくれた。お上手。
Then we checked in the hotel once and drove to the venue. It is SOLD OUT show again! Thankful! When we sat up merch table, a guy sketched us. Good.

Sound check.

From the stage. Lights are colorful. Our booking agent Jack came to this venue in Manchester from London. He told us that our former tour manager Pep passed away. Actually we got the news from the promoter in Birmingham yesterday. We asked Pep for this tour but he couldn’t come because of his illness. I couldn’t met people like Pep who was so competent, kind and warm hearted person. Thank you Pep.

いつものタスクを終え、マンチェスターのNight & Dayでやる時は必ず行く「昇龍ラーメン」へ。金曜日だから混むだろうという事で事前に予約を入れていたので、比較的スッと入店。
We finished our everyday’s task and went to have dinner to Shoryu Ramen which we go everytime when we play at N & D. We have already made a reservation from 7pm. We could enter rather quickly.

I had Gyoza, shared with Atsuko,

And Tonkotsu-Ramen. I ate everything. I eat thick foods for lunch and dinner today.

The front of Shoryu Ramen is a park.

When we went back to the venue, there was a long queue to enter. Thank you very much!

We prepared in the dressing room and the show started. We could have a very good time with audience. Thank you for coming!

車で1時間弱走り、ホテルに戻った。テレビでいつも見ているThat’s 60sのチャンネルを探していたら、That’s 70sを見つけた!こりゃ期待大と思って見てみたら、画面が乱れて見られなかった。残念。
Driving mostly an hour and back to the hotel. I found a TV channel “That’s 70s” when I looked for “That’s 60s”. Wow it must be fun. But I couldn’t watch it. Screen was crashed. Ah!