April 29, Exchange, Bristol UK


Left the hotel at noon and had 3 hours drive includes 2 times rest. Crane games at drivers cafe cost 3 pounds. It’s over 500 yen. Expensive! Credit cards only.

Arrived at the venue.

I used a cabinet at the venue. Its design was retro and made in the UK. Good match with my YAMAHA amp head.

Double decker in Bristol is colored a bit dark red.

There is a castle here.

We finished everyday’s task. Atsuko and I went to eat Mexican food in the neighbors. But the restaurant was full for reservation. We went to a big shopping mall by 7min walk. It was crowded with young people in town.

It is difficult to find shops and restaurants because the structure is complicated. We tried to enter into other Mexican but we had to order via internet and they don’t take cash. It was complicated, too. We went to another place and chose a restaurant called “KAISEKI”. They serve from Sushi to Mexican dishes. I ordered Wagyu Bum and Shrimp Taco.

Wagyu Bum was so tasty. It cost 8 pounds.

会場に戻りライブ。本日もSOLD OUT !やったー!ありがとうございます!
We went back to the venue. It was a SOLD OUT gig again. Yay! Thank you so much!

お客さんの反応が素晴らしい。Sweet Candy Power を演奏した時、大きな声のキャンディーコール頂きました!
The reaction of the audience was very cheerful. We could get “Candy Call” which is shout “Candy” after I sing “Am I am I am I am I”.

ライブとグッズコーナー終了後、ここ数回サポートを務めてくれたThe Kutのみなさんと記念撮影。おつかれさまでした!
After everything have done, we took a picture with The Kut who supported several shows at our UK tour. Good job!


Driving through a dark road and arrived at a hotel. Good night.