April 21 New Castle UK 🇬🇧 The Cluny (Atsuko)


The Edinburgh inn where I was staying was an old structure, and as soon as I opened the door to my room, there was a step down. There was a sign that said, “Watch the step,” but I tripped and hit my face on the door.  I wasn’t hurt at all, but the temple of my glasses got bent and I was very shocked. I have extra glasses, so it’s okay.


I could see the ocean! Today’s show in New Castle. I ate ginger sweets given to us by a fan in the car. Japanese taste!

こちら、会場のthe clunyとその周辺。ロードインまで時間があったので会場のパブで遅めのお昼ごはんを食べました。

Here is the venue, the cluny and its surrounding. We had some time before load-in, so we had a late lunch at a pub at the venue.


今日はBMX Bandits がサポートしてくれます。

BMX Bandits was a support band today!


I had salad for lunch, so I shared fried food with Naoko for dinner.


Listening to their old good songs reminded me of 30 years ago.


Shonen Knife’s turn.  It was sold out show tonight. Thank you for the full house!! Yeah!

BMX Banditsのみんなとプロモーターさんと。

With BMX Bandits and promoter.


With Duglas.


I toured the UK in 1992 with the members depicted on this album.