May 3, Travel Day from Ramsgate to Gatwick UK


Checked out the hotel at 10:30, got in our van and toward to Gatwick airport in south London. It was a fine weather.

まずはカフェでランチをしようと言うことで、Ramsgate から車で小一時間のwyeワイと言う町にあるカフェへ。ワイって河内弁っぽくない?!
We dropped at a cafe for lunch in Wye where is one hour drive to Ramsgate.

I ordered fish sandwich and cappuccino. It was fish & chips’s fish on a bread with tartar sauce. Tasty but it was too big for me. I’m sorry but I couldn’t eat all.


We drove an hour more and arrived at an airport hotel at Gatwick. Risa and I checked in. We had too many luggage. 6 suit cases and 2 back packs.

あつこさんはヒースローから搭乗するので、そのままKenkichi さんの運転で車に乗っていく。みなさんお疲れ様でした!あつこさんはまた来月大阪で!

Atsuko will fly from Heathrow and she needed to take a van drove by Kenkichi. Everybody did a great job. Risa and I can see Atsuko again next month in Osaka again.

Carried too many bags and Risa and I entered into a room. Drinking wine and packed bags. I took a rest and a shower. The time was already around 8pm. Risa and I went to a hotel diner. Cheers! With beer.

Risa ate beef steak and I had Piri Piri Chicken.

Dessert after dinner was chocolate sundae.

Risa had a glass of cocktail and I had a cup of fruit juice.

We went back to the room and slept after dinner.