February 21, Vinnies Dive Bar, Gold Coast

2月21日(水)ゴールドコースト、Vinnies Dive Bar


We checked out the hotel in Brisbane at 10am. Paul picked up us and went to his house to get some CDs and vinyls, received our luggage from Melbourne at the airport, rental place of Drums, got T-shirts to a storage, then drove to Gold Coast. We drove around the town of Brisbane. It has many hills and slopes. The driving was like a riding on a roller coaster.


We checked in the hotel in Gold Coast and went a gas station Seven-Eleven. I bought Sushi rolls there and ate them in a hotel room.


The view from the window. It’s a paradise of surfers!




We loaded in the venue and did soundcheck. After that we went to eat dinner to a Japanese Restaurant near by. Salmon sushi was so good!


会場。Tonight venue VINNIES.

新しいTシャツ!New T-shirts!


Our live show was so packed with cheerful audience. Thank you for coming to our show!

Live Photo : Bill Prendergast
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