February 22, Felons Barrel Hall, Brisbane

2月22日(木)Felons Barrel Hall ブリスベン


Checked out the hotel in Gold Coast at 11am and drove to Brisbane in Paul’s car. We had spare time until the check in time and had lunch at a cafe which Paul recommended. Egg Benedict was so good!




Then we checked in the same hotel with the day before yesterday. To tell the truth, I couldn’t find  my iPad from yesterday. It must be that I left it in this hotel. I asked at the front desk and the front lady said “Oh!”. Anyway, It was returned to me and the person behind me in a queue of check in glad for me. Thanks a lot! I usually don’t left something but I sometimes do this time. I lost my supporter of legs or hair rubber band and found later.

We went to the venue and did sound check. It was a fancy venue and made craft beer.


会場へはカートで。Using cart to enter to the venue.



There was no dressing room but open air rooftop, we took the catering dinner to the hotel which is 17 minutes walk from the venue. We took a cart ride till the half way.

I had veggie burger. It was good! Then prepared for the show and went back to the venue.


So many people came to our show and enjoyed. It was our bassist Atsuko’s birthday and our audience sang Happy Birthday song to her. So kind!


Thank you for coming to our show! Cheers!


Three of us walked back to the hotel. I saw beautiful night scenery along the river.



Came back to the hotel room and had the venue’s original beer. Good night!