February 23, The Basement, Canberra

2月23日(金)キャンベラ The Basement
フリークエントフライヤーのPaulとGregに引っ付いてVirgin Airのラウンジに入れてもらって朝ごはん。食パンにスクランブルドエッグをのせて食べました。

We left the hotel at 6am and went to Brisbane airport. So sleepy! We checked in so many luggages at the airport counter.

We followed to Paul and Greg who are frequent flyer of Virgin air and entered into the lounge. I had scrambled egg on a piece of bread.


I should go to washroom at the lounge but went out and the regular washrooms. There was a long queue and took time. I made Paul to worry about me again. Sorry!


After the arrival at Canberra, it rained very hard. We took a rent-a-car and drove to the hotel. I had Chicken Ramen from Japan and took a nap. Then went to the venue.


The venue. There were Rock’n’roll pinball machines there.

会場内。Inside of the venue.




After soundcheck, we returned to the hotel and had McDonald’s chicken burger in the room. The taste is universal. Good.


I drew drum head art in the room. We went back to the venue and show time! So many people came to the show and everybody looked having fun. Thank you so much for coming!

T-shirts stocks were getting low. Paul made this signboard.



I couldn’t find any photos of our show. Sorry!

We came back to the hotel and handy tiny bottled wine and  beer. Then I went to bed.