February 26, A day off in Hobart, Tasmania



We three always stay at a family room. It has 2 bed rooms with 3 beds, kitchen and living room. Risa use a room which has 1 big bed and Atsuko and I share one room which has 2 beds. The hotel rooms in Hobert was single bed room each for us. After show, we went to our own room. I had Atsuko’s cosmetics in my suitcase and I wanted to give them to Atsuko after arriving to the hotel. I make a contact through internet to Atsuko but there was no answer. I was worrying if she got heart attack or something. I went to her room and knocked the door. But no answer. I got sleepy and I decided to go to bed for my health. In the morning, I made a phone call to her and she answered. She said that she fell asleep quickly after she arrived her room. Hmmm… Okay.


And we went to a Malaysian restaurant in the neighbors and had Meegoreng. It was yummy. Risa went to eat Japanese food.


After lunch, Atsuko and I walked toward to Salamanca market. On the way, a strange man screamed beside me, in my ear. And he entered into a game arcade shop. Scary! Scary! We walked a bit more and bought pastries at a Chinese bakery. Then came back to the hotel.






We were invited to Mr. Brian Riche’s BBQ party at night and had very tasty food. Thank you so much!


Went back to the hotel and slept.