February 27, Travel day from Hobart to Melbourne


A big van of MONA FOMA came to the hotel to pick us up at 8:30 and went to Hobart airport. We took flight to Melbourne. I was sleeping all through the flight.


We got rent-a-car at Melbourne airport and drove to a hotel. We dropped our bags in a room and Atsuko and I went to eat lunch to a Vietnamese restaurant. I had vegetable vermicelli. It was so yummy. Atsuko ordered grilled chicken. Risa went to eat Japanese food.






Came back to the hotel, washed my clothes and wrote blog. Then three of us went to a supermarket. Risa bought beef for her dinner. Atsuko and I went to a Japanese restaurant and bought Salmon Bento.

There was a Pokémon corner at the supermarket.


At the car parking of the supermarket, our poster was displayed.


There are many Vietnamese restaurants around here. I bought Vietnamese coffee at another place.




RIsa tried to stir the beef and turned on the switch of the gas oven. But it was broken. She put beef into an oven and bake it and put BBQ sauce. She ate everything.



Then I continued to write blog and the time to sleep came. Good night.