February 28, The Corner, Melbourne

2月28日(水)メルボルン、The Corner


We had already arrived in Melbourne yesterday, I was staying in a hotel room until the departure time to the venue and writing blog all day. The another reason I was staying in a hotel room was I had a bit stomachache in the morning.

We left the hotel at 4pm to the venue. This is the venue which we played several times from 90’s.


Our name on the wall for 28 Feb’s line up.


After soundcheck, I ordered risotto for dinner at the upstairs bar. I ate it in our dressing room. It was very tasty.



We drove back to the hotel with our soundman Greg and drew pictures on drumhead. After we changed into costumes, we drov back to the venue and show time!


Wow! What a cute T-shirt! Thanks a lot!


I got this pin from the venue. This is character of a pillar in the venue. Cool!


I had Guinness after I came back to the hotel. It was so tasty after a long time.