February 29, The Gov, Adelaide

2月29日(金)アデレード The Gov


Checked out the hotel at 10am and drove to Melbourne airport by rent-a-car. Checked in our luggage.


We went to Virgin air’s lounge and had breakfast. The flight was a bit delayed. An hour and a half flight took us to Adelaide airport.


We rent a car there and checked in the hotel in Adelaide. After a while we loaded in the venue. We played here in 2019, too.


After soundcheck, we autographed on our records.


We had dinner at the venue. I ordered big chicken cutlet with cheese. It was yummy. The portion was so big, I took the half away.



We drove back to the hotel after soundcheck by Greg’s driving and made drumhead art. Prepared for the show and drove back to the venue. Then show time! So many people came to the show and the reaction of the audience was very good! Thank you for coming!

Members from a Japanese band from Kyoto, Buddhadatta came to see us. Thanks a lot!



Mungo Fungoの皆さん、The Glycereensの皆さん、お疲れ様でした!みんな愛想が良くてとてもいい人たちです。また会いましょう!

It was the last day to play with Mungo Fungo and The Glycereens who support from the first show. All of them are very friendly and nice persons. I miss them! See you guys soon!


I tried to take a shower after I came back to the hotel and I fell down on the floor. I bruised my knee. The floor was very slippery. The next day, I got a blue bruise on my knee but it was not serious.