March 1, The River, Margaret River

3月1日(金)Margaret River


We left the hotel at 11am and drove to Adelaide airport. We fly to Perth. There are 2.5 hours time differences between Adelaide and Perth and I could sleep a bit longer at the hotel. I had lunch at a lounge at the airport.


I was playing “Watermelon Game” of iPad or sleeping during the 3.5 hours flight.

パースに到着して荷物が出てくるのを待っていたら、Are you Shonen Knife?って声をかけていただき、お客さんと一緒に写真を撮りました。パースのライブに来てくださるそうです。



When we were waiting our luggage after arrived at Perth airport, a gentleman talked to me and said ” Are you Shonen Knfie?”. We took a photo with him. He said he will come to our show in Perth.

Atsuko’s bass took time to receive and I was a bit worried.

We drove 3 hours to Margaret River by rent-a-car. Traffic jam was happening but we could arrived the venue safely.

We had dinner from the venue right after we arrived because we ordered the menu via SMS. I ordered Fish Taco and Miso eggplant which tastes like Mabo Tofu. Both were so good.



Right after dinner we sat our equipment and did line check. Then show time! The audience were so cheerful and fun. Thanks for coming! I was so busy and there was no photo!

After show, we stayed at a hotel beside the venue. I could see tons of stars. It seemed like the stars were falling! Had some beer and wine, good night.