March 2, Miilkbar, Perth

3月2日(土)Milkbar, Perth


We left the hotel in Margaret River at 10am and drove to Perth for 3 hours. Paul wanted to drop at a mushroom shop and we dropped there. He bought mushroom powder. Risa and Atsuko bought some food. I bought nothing. Atsuko gave me a bite of her mushroom pancake. It was good. I need to say the mushroom they sold are regular mushrooms.


We arrived at a hotel in Perth. It was a kind of Rock’n’roll hotel. Long time ago, Led Zeppelin stayed here and destroyed hotel supplies and arrested.


Atsuko and I share a room and the room was on the ground floor. There was a swimming pool beside our room and people were lying at the side of the pool who were wearing mostly naked swim suits. Many flies were flying in the room. I took 5 or 6 flies!


Load in and soundcheck.


I ordered veggie burger for dinner. I was surprised that the patty tested like real ground beef. It was good.


We went back to the hotel and prepared for the show. Then show time! The show was very packed and the reaction was so nice. They shouted “Candy!” during our song Sweet Candy Power. Thank you for coming!!


Hand made T-shirt! Cool!


This show was the final show of our Australian dates. We will go to New Zealand after this. Thank you Australia!


Took a photo with members of Grunge Barbie who supported us.