My snail blog. August 31st

Wednesday, August 31st  Travel day  from Vienna, Austria to Prague, Czech Republic

8月31日(水) 移動日 オーストリアのウィーンからチェコのプラハへ。


In Vienna, we passed through this incineration plant.  I was surprised because we have the same one in Osaka.  I reseached and I found that the same architect designed.  I felt like I was in Osaka.  On the way to Prague, there were lots of pumpkins on the ground.



Right after we passed through the border from Austria to Czech, there was an amusement park.  By the way, there is no passport control in Europe.  It was very easy compared with I came here in ’90’s.



We had a little break.  Shonen Knife can stab even a ROCK!!!



I ate a piece of cake at a cafe in the amusement park.  This cake looks like Japanese one.  Czech money.



This is the beautiful old town Prague.



There were many souvenir shops in old town.



I ordered das Schnitzel again for dinner!  So yummy!!!  We had a good time in Prague.