North American tour 2011 Oct. 19th

October 19th, Wednesday  Osaka, Japan to Buffalo, NY. U.S.A.

I left home at 6:30 in the morning and went to the airport.

We transit 2 times, arrived at Buffalo.  It took 22 hours.

Our flight ticket was American air but operated by Japan Airlines.

Flight meal was nice with Haagendatz Ice Cream and Mos Burger.

Flight attendant’s announce when arrived was poetic and nice.

It’s like ‘The leaves turned red and you can enjoy the scenery here in Chicago…  Have a good day…’.

We transited at Chicago.

We were welcomed by Miyoko and Robby from Good Charamel records and Atsuko.

For this tour, Atsuko will help us for merchandise.  She arrived at Buffalo the day before we arrived.

We had a rest and went to eat Chinese food then went to bed.

10月19日(水) 大阪からNY州バッファローへ。