October 20th, Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Canada

October 20th, Thursday  Horseshoe, Toronto Canada

10月20日(木)「Horseshoe Tavern」 カナダのトロント

Our tour manager, sound man Roberto and stage manager Kenny joined us and went to Toronto.

It took only 30 minutes from Buffalo to the border of US and Canada.

Got through the border, we entered into Canada.

We arrived at the venue Horseshoe around 5:00p.m.



We came here several times.  I like the area around the venue.   There were a lot of shops but there was no time to see around this time.  We had sound check and went to eat Japanese food.  I ate shrimp tempura.  5 big shrimps were on a dish.


The show was so fun.  So many people moshed and dived.

People in Toronto was always very hot.  Thank you everyone.

I went to bed 3:30a.m.