October 30th, Travel Day from Austin to Los Angeles


I went to bed 5:00a.m. on Saturday after the show and got up at 10:00a.m.  I ate nothing in the morning and took a shuttle to the airport at 11:00.  It took only 7 minutes from our hotel to the airport.   We checked in our luggage and had breakfast.  I ate this sandwich.  It took 3 hours to L.A.


I stayed at Atsuko’s house. In front of her house, I saw this cute cat.   I ate snacks  at her house and went to play tennis.


At a tennis court.  テニスコートにて。

Wow!  So funny! 調子に乗ってテニスしてたらこんなことに。

It was getting dark outside.  外は日暮れに。

After tennis, we ate delicious fillet steak.  テニスの後はおいしいフィレステーキ。

I could be refreshed!  リフレッシュできたよ。