October 31st, Day Off in Los Angeles


Atsuko made Udon noodles for our lunch.  So yummy!  アツコが昼食にきつねうどんを作ってくれた。おいしかった!

We went to a shopping mall by bike.  自転車でモールへ。

At the mall, I saw many kids wearing Halloween costumes.  They walk around for Trick or Treat in the mall with their parents.


We ate Beared PaPa’s cream puff.  ビアードパパのシュークリームを食べました。

After shopping, we went to a supermarket and bought fresh salmon.  In this fridge, meat, meat, meat!!!


We came back to Atsuko’s house and she cooked delicious dinner.


After dinner, I made rice balls for everybody.  夕食後、わたしはみんなで食べる用のおにぎりを拵えました。

Then went to bed.  んで、寝ました。