November 1st, The Echo, Los Angeles, C.A.

11月1日(火)「The Echo」 ロサンゼルス

We went to Daisy Rock Guitars in the afternoon.  午後はデイジーロックギター本社へおじゃましました。

Girls, Girls, Girls!  They make The Powerpuff Girls guitar, too.  I have this heart shape guitar at home.


Then, we loaded in to the venue.  These guitars are from Daisy Rock.  Cute colors.

そして、会場入り。 デイジーロックでもらったギター。かわいい色だね。

The show was packed and so many wonderful persons came to our show.


Woooooooooooooow!!!!!  Jeff from Redd Kross!!!!!  I was so happy to see him after a long time.  Thank you Jeff.


The show went well and I had very good time in Los Angeles.  Thank you for great audience in L.A.!!!  We’d like to come back.