November 2nd, Casbah, San Diego, C.A.


We left Atsuko’s house in the afternoon.  On the way to San Diego, we dropped at Mitsuwa market which is a Japanese food mart.  We ate Ramen Noodles at the food court.


I ordered small size salt Ramen.  It was so yummy, just like Japanese Ramen.  わたしは「ちび塩ラーメン」を注文。まさしく、日本のラーメン。おいしかった。塩というけど、お味はわたしの好きな豚骨味でした。

I’ve played at Casbah many times from 90’s.  It’s close to the airport and railways.  With a loud noise, giant airplanes flied above our heads.  Very rock and cool atmosphere.  The show was packed, too and the audience moshed during the show.  My microphone hit my face and monitor speakers were rocking.  It was so fun.  Thanks everybody!