November 7th Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, Canada

11月7日(月)「Biltmore Cabaret」カナダのバンクーバー

We left the hotel at 7:50 in the morning and went to a TV station which is a major station in Seattle.

This is the site of the TV shooting. ↑ You can find Atsuko in the audience seat.


Watching the monitor, we waited at the dressing room.  Then our show time.


TV shooting went well and we had fun.  After TV shooting, we took pictures with the audience.


Maple leaves on the front road of the TV station were beautiful.  テレビ局前の道にあった楓の落ち葉、きれいでした。

We had a lunch near the TV station.  I ate chicken cutlet bento.  Then we drove 2 hours to the next hotel in Bellingham.  Right after checked in, we rushed to Vancouver.  Passed through the border, we loaded into the venue around 4:00p.m.   We had an interview at the dressing room before the show.  In spite of Monday night, so many audience came to our show.  I was so happy to see many Shonen Knife freaks.  Thank you Vancouver!


p.s. There was a deer at the venue.   I’m sure I’ve uploaded this deer’s picture last year, too but this has a lot of impact for me.  I took this picture again.