November 8th Tractor Tavern, Seattle, Wa

11月8日(火)Tractor Tavern ワシントン州シアトル

We passed through the border of Canada and U.S. A. and drove back to a hotel in Bellingham on Monday night.  In Tuesday morning, we left the hotel around noon and checked in the hotel in Seattle.  We had an hour and half minutes rest, went to the venue.  We ate hamburgers for dinner at Red Mills, the Seattle famous burger.

月曜の夜、カナダと米国の国境越えをして、米国側、ワシントン州べリングハムの宿に入る。8日、火曜の朝お昼頃に宿をチェックアウトしてシアトルの宿へ。そこで1時間半休憩ののち、会場へ。夕食は当地ご自慢Red Millsバーガー。

I took pictures at our dressing room.  楽屋で写真撮りました。

The show was packed again.  So many audience in Tractor Tavern. ライブは盛況、満員御礼。

Ken from Posies came to our show.  It was great!  He is always cool.  A cellist at Nirvana’s show came to see us, too.  It was wonderful!  I saw her after 17 years!  Seattle is a real rock city!