November 16th Mayday, Cincinnati, OH


We could have a good rest because we could stayed the same hotel for 3 nights.  I slept will until noon.  When I was going to the entrance of the hotel, I found Emi at a Fitness room.  She was walking on a tread mill.  She looks fine.  That’s nice.



I ate turkey sandwich for my lunch at a café in a book store which 5 minute walk from the hotel.  I couldn’t eat all of them and took away the half of them. There were some old people from the neighbors in the café.  I was surprised that 8 old ladies were playing Mahjong.


Then I took 7, 8 minute walk, arrived at “Target”.  There was no sidewalk.  I had to walk along rough, green lawn lanes.  No one was walking.  There were only cars.  I had to cross the road very carefully.


Beautiful autumn sky like a painting and bird’s nest


A signboard of a Japanese restaurant


We load in the venue at 6:00p.m.


Atsuko was working hard at a merch table.


I ate “Mayday” hotdog for dinner.  Mustard mayo was so good.

There were full of audience and many people were moshing.  Thanks for coming to our show.  I’d like to come back again.