November 17th 31st Pub, Pittsburgh, PA

11月17日(木)「31st Pub」ペンシルベニア州ピッツバーグ

We left the hotel at 11:00a.m. and drove a little then went to “Cracker Barrel” for branch.  It was very American restaurant.  I ate scrambled egg, breads and hush brown.  Soft scrambled egg and potato and onion’s hush brown were tasty.

午前11時にホテルを出発、ちょっと走って朝昼兼用の食事をウエスタン調のお店、「Cracker Barrel」にていただく。これぞ典型的アメリカな朝食。スクランブルエッグと食パン、ハッシュブラウン。卵がとろーり、おいしかった。ハッシュブラウンは玉ねぎも交じっていていいお味でした。

Inside of the restaurant, there was a big real fireplace.  There was a cute goods store next to the dining.


After 4 hour drive, we arrived at Pittsburgh.


This is the tonight’s venue, “31st Street” we’ve been here last year, too.

こちら今夜の会場「31st Street」。去年もお世話になりました。

Before sound check, we had curry for dinner at Middle Eastern deli. There were Middle Eastern and Indian foods there.  I wore a big Pittsburgh hat at the deli.


This is the inside of the venue.  Lots of drum heads and guitars were on the wall.


We had curry for dinner at Middle Eastern deli.  中東料理のお店でカレーを夕食に。

I wore Pittsburgh hat at the deli.  お店に会ったピッツバーグ帽を着てみた。

So many people came to our show and moshed again.  We could have a very good time.  Thank you Pittsburgh!!