November 19th Mohawk Place Buffalo, NY

November 19th Mohawk Place  Buffalo, NY

11月19日(土)「Mohawk Place」ニューヨーク州、バッファロー

We left the hotel at 10:30 and drove to Buffalo, NY.  It took 7 hours and 30 minutes.  On the way to Buffalo, there were ducks.  Passing through snow area, we arrived at the destination around 18:00.


This is the venue.  We came here last year and 2 years ago, too.  Here is our article in town paper.


We went to a yummy restaurant “Papa Jake’s”which was owned by the owner of the venue.  I ate clam linguine and salad. Everything there was so tasty.


I don’t know why but there were Spanish drawings at the dressing room.  I found a poster of Buzzcocks, too.


Our show went well with full of audience.  Thanks everybody there.  Buffalo is the hometown of our North American record label Good Charamel Records.  We first arrived from Japan at Buffalo when our tour was started.  It was very cold last month but wasn’t so cold at this day.  Good.  Just one more show left!

ライブはまたまたたくさんのお客さんに恵まれ、楽しくさせてもらいました。ありがとうございます。バッファローはナイフの北米のレーベルGood Charamel Recordsの本拠地。先月、ツアーの始まりは日本からバッファロー入りしたんだけど、その時は寒かった。でもこの日はそれほどでもなくてよかった。ライブあと一本だ!