Osaka Ramones show on March 19th in Kobe

3月19日(月) 日曜と祝日に挟まれたこの日、神戸のWynterland(つづりは、WinterじゃなくてWynterなのだった。)にてラモーンズイベント”We love Ramones”に「大阪ラモーンズ」として参戦しました。

Monday March 19th, the day between Sunday and a National Holiday of Vernal Equinox Day, we played at an event called “We love Ramones” as “OSAKA RAMONES”.


It was the first time for us to play at the venue Kobe Wynterland.  It’s 10 minutes walk to the Bluff from Sannomya station by walk.  I like Kobe because there are lots of tasty sweets stores, fashionable shops and it’s by the sea and mountains.  I found a cool coffee shop like this.  This scenery reminds me of a town in Germany.


We had a dinner at an old Japanese style European food restaurant.  It was good.


There are many Ramones maniacs.  Great music link people’s heart together and also time, too.  I was happy that I can share the fantastic Ramones world with the audience.


We took a photo with other bands.  Every band performed Ramones songs very well.  Thanks!


Time was passing so quickly when I had a good time with the Ramones party.