712 Day Party 2015 Osaka

7月12日(日) 大阪、梅田 シャングリラ


というわけで、この日は712 Day party 2015 シリーズ最終日にして、我らがドラマーのえみさんの少年ナイフのメンバーとして最後のステージであります。


Sunday, July 12th “Shangri-la” Umeda, Osaka

Happy Knife Day! July 12th is Shonen Knife Day which we enacted at “Shonen Knife Congress” in 2000.

It was our drummer Emi’s last show as a member of Shonen Knife.

(Photos from here are taken by Tomoko Ota. Thanks.)




There were so many audience there. I made a set list which includes 3 Emi’s lead vocal songs. Emi performed very powerfully. Everybody there must be satisfied.



It was the 4th show for Naru as a bassist of Shonen Knife but I felt as if we’ve been playing together for a long time. She made a heavy rock sound with her Rickenbacker.



ライブ終了後に、サプライズで「ドラマー引き継ぎ式」を執り行ないました。少年ナイフ伝来の?!黄金のスティック (数日前にぱぱっと手作り!)をえみちゃんからりさちゃんへ。産休中のりつこちゃんも駆けつけてくれました。

After show, we did a drummer change ceremony on stage. My hand made Shonen Knife traditional Glden Drum Sticks was handed from Emi to Risa. Ritsuko who is on her maternity leave came to the ceremony, too.






















Thank you so much for coming to our show!



I was very happy to tour with her. Because she is a very frank and friendly person. During  tours, we need to cooperate each other for loading, stage and merch setting like that. She worked very hard. Her stage performance was so fun, too like posing like ballet dancing. Her showmanship is great.  I hope to see her again and play some other time.

Thanks Emi!

そして! 新しいドラマーとして、りさちゃんを迎えることになりました!

We accepted Risa as our new drummer!













わたしは誰とでも、音楽を一緒に演奏する時、バンドをする時は、 (学校の体育会系部活動やら、会社とかではないので)  先輩後輩とか年齢とか関係なく楽しくやりたい、イーブンでありたい、と、思っています。


She is a 20 years old drummer for her family band “BRINKY”. Her drumming is very powerful and rock. I’m sure that Shonen Knife sound will be more strong and developed with her. Thank you for your support for her.

I’d like to be even with other members when I play music and have fun. Even if there is a big gap of generation.

I think it is important for playing ROCK music.

Let’s ROCK and have fun!