August 10th, San Francisco, CA

8月10日(木) San Francisco, CA “Bottom of the Hill”


We had 10 hours long drive from Portland, OR.  The scenery was like this.  This mountain has snow on the top like Mt. Fuji.  Beautiful!  I saw an airplane on the field.


On the way, I ate a mall size of cinnamon roll.  I bought it at a hamburger shop. Other members got a lottery and won crispy chicken and ice cream.

クマに餌をあげる? 橋がたくさんあるサンフランシスコの町に、やっとこさ到着。

Feed the bears?  Finally, we arrived at San Francisco which has many bridges.

会場は、去年もお世話になった「Bottom of the Hill」。物販コーナーの品出し中から、お客さんが待って下さっていて、うれしい悲鳴。


Today’s venue is “Bottom of the Hill”.  We came here last year.  Right after we arrived, many people were waiting for our merch.  We are so happy.

We did no sound check and had line check only.  In spite of that, the sound was great.  It seemed that the full audience enjoyed;  Thank you very much!!