March 4, Travel Day from Perth Australia to Auckland NZ

3月4日(月)移動日 パースからオークランド


We left the hotel in Perth at 5am. Paul and Greg will fly back to Brisbane. We fly from Perth to Sydney and Sydney to Auckland, NZ. I was so sleepy. It was hard to take very early morning flight.


Breakfast in Perth airport. 2 poached eggs and bread.


Qantas air. It takes 5 hours from Perth to Sydney. Australia is huge!


Transfer at Sydney. We had time to see airport shops. Vegemite goods…


Koala’s poo… I could see such joke everywhere.


I got a bit hungry and ate tiny dumplings.



After 3 hours flight, we arrived at Auckland, New Zealand. I bought prepaid SIM card at duty free.

I bought Optus SIM in Australia which was AUD35 including 88GB for 4 weeks. Here in New Zealand, I bought Spark SIM which cost NZD18.75 including 2GB for a week. Last time I bought One SIM. I was thinking to buy eSIM but I wanted to have a phone number and bought a physical SIM. In Japan,  LINE application is popular but text mail is the basic  overseas.


We received our luggage and went to the arrival gate. Our promoter Xan came for picking us up. All of us went to the hotel by taxi. My suits case was broken. I used this very much. I thank to my suitcase. I went to bed quickly because I have a radio interview early in the next morning. Xan and I, Atsuko and Risa shared 2 apartment hotel rooms.