March 7, San Fran, Wellington NZ

3月7日(木)SAN FRAN, Wellington NZ


Xan came to our b & b at 8:20am and drove to the ferry terminal to take 9:00am ferry to Auckland. The ferry departed a bit late. We took a taxi at Auckland. The driver said that some ferries were cancelled. We were lucky to get ride.




30 minutes drive took us to Auckland airport from the ferry terminal and checked in with many luggage.

Atsuko and Risa bought Sushi at the airport for breakfast. I had mushroom cheese sandwich from yesterday’s cafe. I heated it in the microwave at the b & b and it was tasty.


I was sleeping all through the 1 hour and a half flight. Arrived at Wellington airport! The filming location of the movie Hobbit.


After 15 minutes drive we arrived at the hotel. I started a laundry machine in the hotel room and drove to the venue. We played here in 2019, too. I’m so happy to have this heartwarming message.


We did soundcheck and autographed on vinyls and CDs.


Then we went to a Japanese restaurant to eat dinner. I ordered small rice but I should have ordered big size! I couldn’t stop eating Japanese food.

これの2倍は食べられる~。I could eat two time as much of this!


We walk back to the hotel and took a rest and prepared for the show. We walk back to the venue and had a show. The show was so successful with a lot of audience. They sang along us and were dancing. Thank you so much!


Cool hand made jacket!


Thank you Wellington! I would like to come here again!