March 8, YOT CLUB, Raglan NZ

3月8日(金)YOT CLUB, Raglan NZ


We departed the hotel at 8am and drove to Raglan. It takes 7 hours by car directly from Wellington to Raglan. Xan is the only a driver. She drove and drove with excellent driving. Atsuko, Xan and I had lunch at a cafe on the way. I ate ham and cheese sandwich. It was good. Risa stayed and slept in the van.


After lunch, we drove and drove again and stopped in front of a carrot park. I took some photos.

その後、目的地まであと1時間ぐらいになりました。ライブ会場の入り時間に余裕があったので、キーウィーがいる鳥類動物園Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Parkへ寄りました。大阪の天王寺動物園の鳥類展示ケージを思い出します。

Then we arrived at the place where one hour drive left to the destination. We had a spare time until load in, we went to Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park. The park has Kiwis. It reminds me of the bird cage of  Tennoji Zoo, Osaka.

鳥類動物園の中。Inside of the bird park.


Kiwis were in a very dark hut. I couldn’t find them.


We arrived at Raglan after 8 hours driving. Our accommodation was a part of the house of people involved the venue. The shower booth was at outside. It a bit wild for me. We left our luggage and went to the venue. We played here in 2019, too. It’s a punk rock venue.


Inside of the venue was a bit messy when we arrived but after a while the stage setting was completed and started soundcheck.


After soundcheck, we had dinner at a restaurant across the venue which was owned by Japanese person. I had  slightly grilled salmon bowl. It was very tasty. We had not enough time until the show and I ate it quickly.



Then show time! Many people were cheerful and dancing during the show. Thank you for coming! I had no photos because we were so busy! Took a photo with the owner of the venue.



After show, we drove back to the accommodation and slept quickly.

The venue is on the side of the beach.