March 9, WHAMMY BAR, Auckland NZ

3月9日(土)WHAMMY BAR, Auckland


Atsuko, Xan and I went to have breakfast in Raglan. Poached eggs were delicious. The coffee was so thick. I needed to order as Americano.


Drove back to the accommodation and went to an accessory shop which Xan wanted to go. A cute jacket was sold and I bought it. This jacket was made with 60’s and 70’s vintage blankets. Took a photo with the designer.

車でオークランドへ。道がかなり混んでいて、会場へ直行。何度かお世話になっているWhammy Barです。とても心地よい会場です。

サウンドチェックを済ませて皆んなで夕食へ。ザンさんが日本食に行こうと言って会場から徒歩5分ほどのところに連れてくれたのは、日本人の方が経営されているAcho’s。Acho’sで食べるのは確か3度目。前回2019年までは、Whammy Barの上の階で営業されていて、その時は、お店を閉じようと思っているとおしゃっていたので、まさか移転して営業されているとは知らず、久々の再会を喜びました。以前より大きなお店になっていて業務拡張、素晴らしい。チキンカツカレーを食べました。とてもおいしかったです。

We drove to Auckland. Traffic jam was happening and directly to the venue. The venue was Whammy Bar which we played several times. Nice venue.

After soundcheck, we went to dinner. Xan took us to a Japanese restaurant. It was Acho’s owned by Japanese people. It was the third time for me to come to Acho’s. Last time when we came here in 2019, the restaurant was in the same building with Whammy Bar and the owners said that they would close the restaurant. We didn’t know that it moved to a big place. Cool! We were happy to see the owners. I had chicken cutlet curry. It was delicious!


After that, three of us went to a souvenir shop under Sky Tower. I made a medal with a press machine. In the past, it was used a real money coin but it is illegal to transform the shape of coins. Now metal coins were sat in the machine.

会場に戻ったら、Acho’sさんが大きなお弁当の差し入れを持ってきてくださいました。嬉しすぎ!ありがとうございました!Thank you Nobe san & Tomoko san.

When we came back to the venue, Tomoko from Acho’s gave us a big delicious bento plate. All of us were so happy. Thank you so much!!


Our show was very packed and audience looked happy. Thank you so much for coming! I want to come back to Auckland again!!


There were 2 people who were wearing glowing light bulb jackets!


What a cute hand made handkerchief!

サポートのCootie Cutiesのみなさんと記念撮影。

We took a photo with today’s support, Cootie Cuties.



A big artist’s concert was held on the same day with our show and it was very hard to reserve hotels. Xan’s friend let us stay at her house. It was very clean and comfortable. Thank you so much!

We celebrated the successfully finish of the tour at night. Atsuko, Xan and I sat up till 3am and talked a lot. Then I wen to bed and slept quickly.