March 10 and 11 Travel Day from Auckland NZ to Osaka JPN




We left the accommodation at 11:30. It took time  to put many items in my suitcases. We dropped at a supermarket for just 5 minutes and bought some chocolate for souvenir and present to friends in Japan. Whittakaer’s chocolate is very popular in New Zealand and it’s very tasty. I bought some chocolate with nuts and white chocolate.

After 20 minutes drive we arrived at Auckland airport. We said good bye to Xan. She did very good job. Thank you for everything!


Atsuko, Risa and I had lunch at the airport. I had Katsu-Don. Looking through this tour, we ate Japanese food a lot. Many of Japanese restaurants in Australia and New Zealand are owned by Japanese people and they serve tasty food.


When we were eating Katsu-Don, the signboard said we should go to the gate soon. We parted with Atsuko who fly back to Los Angeles US after spending hours at the airport.


When Risa and I went to the departure gate, there was very very very long queue there! It was dangerous! It was linger than amusement park’s queue! It was very hard for me to wait in a very long queue with a heavy backpack and my Spirit headless guitar for my cabin luggage. We took an hour and a half to arrive at the automatic gate. I scanned passport and did face recognition. Then waited to the security check. It took 30 minutes there. Totally we took 2 hours to depart.




We arrived at the airport 3 hours before departure but we had to rush to the departure gate. Even after we got on the airplane, many people came to the cabin because of the unexpected wasted time at the departure gate. Anyway, the departure was delayed an hour. But airplane can take more speed than the schedule. Finally we arrived at Hong Kong on time.

Flight meals were like these. Everything was good.

I wish I could have some ice cream…


10 hours flight from Auckland, we arrived at Hong Kong and transferred. We spent 4 hours at the airport and got on a flight to Osaka-Kansai airport.


We arrived early in the morning on 11th March and went home. Thank you for coming to our shows! I also thank to the people who make and related this tour! Thank you Paul, Greg and Xan. Thanks Atsuko and Risa who did great performance on stage!