712 Day Party 2022 Nagoya July 2nd

Knife Day Party 2022 名古屋 池下CLUB UPSET

From Osaka to Nagoya
We left Osaka by car in the morning and took a rest at Shigaraki driver’s cafe. I saw cute raccoon there.


Then we drove a little more and took a lunch at Suzuka driver’s cafe. I had seaweed Udon noodle. Yum!

I bought Cream Dora Yaki at a convenience store in the cafe. I forgot to take a photo of it. When I noticed, I’ve already eaten it in the car.

午後3時前に名古屋、池下CLUB UPSET到着。
We arrived at the venue Ikeshita Club UPSET, Nagoya just before 3pm.

We finished load in and sound check. The sound was good.

I sat up the merch table. I brought my handmade buttons specially for Nagoya show. I drew Nagoya Castle, Tenmusu, Ogura Toast like that. Everything is Nagoya specialty. I enjoy making these buttons.

We went to the dressing room and got ready for the show. There was a cool lantern at the terrace. It was sunny and very hot outside.

さて、ショータイム!今年の712 Day Partyは、少年ナイフが1982年に初めてライブをしてから40周年となる記念のツアー、ということであつこが新しい衣装を作ってくれました!712(ないふ)の数字があしらわれております。
Our show has started! It became the 40th anniversary year since we had our first gig in 1982. Atsuko made the new costumes for this anniversary tour. The numbers 712 is the theme of this design. As you know ‘712’ is secret number of Shonen Knife. In Japanese, 7 — nana — Na, 1 — ichi — i, 2 — futatsu or ni — fu.
na-i-fu — knife


From best hit songs to rare ones, we played 24 songs for our one-man show.

Live pics by Atsushi Shibata

I thank to people who came to our show. Thank you very much!!
Also thanks to the venue, our crew and members.

After load out, we drove to Shizuoka. On the way there, we ate gorgeous Unaju and Tebasaki chicken from our fan at Toyota Kamigo driver’s cafe. Sooo tasty . Of course we ordered something at the cafe, too.

After checking in the hotel in Shizuoka, I took a bath and went to bed. Tokyo tomorrow!