19 February 2021 travel day from Osaka to Naha, Okinawa

2021年2月19日(金) 移動日、大阪から那覇へ。

沖縄県、那覇とコザで二日間にわたって行われる音楽イベント、「Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2021」に呼んでいただきました!那覇へはピーチ航空で。関空に来るのも飛行機に乗るのも約1年ぶり!2020年の3月1日にオーストラリアのパースで開かれたフェス、「Highway to Hell」の時以来です。飛行機、わくわくするね!

1 March 2020, Perth Festival, Highway to Hell

We were invited to a music festival “Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2021” which is held at Naha and Koza , Okinawa in two days. We took Peach Aviation to Naha from Osaka-Kansai airport. It is the first time to come to Kansai airport and take a flight mostly after a year! Last time was when we joined to Perth Festival, Australia “Highway to Hell” event. I was so excited for the flight!


Peach Aviation is departing from the terminal 2. Most of all stores at outside of the security gate were closed down other than a convenience store and a cafe. It was so sad.


I ate Salmon Tarako spaghetti for lunch at the cafe. It was well heated.


So sad to see closed stores.


I got through the security check and went to the gate. X stickers were on the seats for “social distancing” but no one was sitting there because it was so shiny. People were using other seats.

飛行機に乗り込みます。Now boarding!


The flight were almost packed. It may caused by reduction of flights but there were many people than I imagined. I was playing “Match 3” game of iPad during 2 hours 15 minutes flight and felt quickly arrived at Naha airport.

わーい、沖縄! Hello Okinawa!


We took a photo when arrived. Drums Risa, Guitar Naoko and Bass Naru for this tour.


Naha is convenient because it takes less than 30 minutes from the airport to downtown. We checked in a condominium style hotel and went to eat dinner. Most of all restaurants shorten business hours because of COVID-19. We had to rush!


We went to “Kokusai-dori Yataimura” which was recommended by a person at the hotel. Many bars are closing down. It was so sad.


Went to Okinawa local food bar. The master of the bar checked our body temperature. A person who can guess his or her body temperature could get one beer free as service. It was almost but I couldn’t guess. Risa could guess her body temperature and she got a mug of beer for free.

ピーナッツで作られたお豆腐のジーマーミ豆腐。 Peanuts Tofu.

リブ肉のグリル。下はフライドポテト。Grilled rib on french fries.

鶏のから揚げ。Karaage Chicken.


Yum, yum!Eating calmly and when we talk, we were wearing masks.


The master let us know about “Awamori” which is Okinawa’s liquor and we had very good time. We will ROCK tomorrow!!!