712 Day Party 2021 岡山「ペパーランド」7月4日(日)

712 Day Party Japan Tour 2021, “Pepperland” Okayama

Sunday 4th July


We checked out the hotel in Kochi and drove to Okayama.

途中霧が出てた。It was foggy on the road.

瀬戸大橋を渡ったよ。We crossed Seto-ohashi bridge which is between Shikoku and Honshu.


I ate Karaage chicken set for lunch at a restaurant close to the venue. I got full.


We arrived at the venue “Pepperland”. It was the first time after 4 years. I was happy to come back here.



We sound checked as usual and prepare for the show. Today’s opening act was Ms. Keiko Nose who is the owner of the venue. Her performance was interesting like poetry reading with beautiful voice.

その後、strike three!が登場。ノリノリのパワーポップ!

Then “strike three!” played the next. They are a cool power pop band.

今日は、お客さん全員ペパーランドオリジナルのフェイスシールドを着用。DEVOかDaft Punkか?!

Everyone there had to wear the “Pepperland original face shield”. It looks like DEVO or Daft Punk.


We went up to the stage wearing the face shields.

We took off them and started the show. The view from the stage, it was just  like a science fiction world because their face shields seemed space suits’ helmets.


ノリノリだぜ。Yay! Groovy!



Everyone did YEAH!

Banana Chips Oh, yeah!


Head banging!



Thank you for the call  of “one more time!”

ライブは無事終了。見に来てくださった方々、暑い中、きっちりフェイスシールドとマスクを着けていてくださってありがとうございました!能勢さんを囲んで、さわやかなお顔のstrike three!のみんなと記念撮影。ナイフTシャツを着て頂き、ありがとうございました!

Our show went well. Thank you for wearing face shields and masks during the show. We took a photo with Ms. Keiko Nose and the “strike three!”. They wore Shonen Knife T-shirts. Thanks a lot!




After show, we drove back to Osaka. We bought something to eat at a convenience store. I forgot which I bought. Because I ate food in the dark in car. Around 0:00 am, we arrived at Osaka.

The next day, I ate delicious tomato and tasty beer from Okayama with Macaroni Gratin. Thanks so much!