712 Day Party 2021 東京から大阪移動日 7月12日(月)

712 Day Party 2021 Travel Day from Tokyo to Osaka

Monday 12th July



12th July is 712 Day! (= Shonen Knife Day)

July is the the 7th month of the year.

7 = Nana   1= Ichi   2 = Ni, Futatsu,  NAIFU = Knife

Anyway, it’s a travel day. looking Tokyo Tower, our car is off to Osaka. The government upgraded the announcement from  “Preventive Measures” to “State of Emergency” in Tokyo area from today!

工事すごいなぁ。Wow, huge construction cranes.


We took a rest at ,may be, Ayusawa driver’s cafe. They displayed  corn dog character “American Dokkun”, focusing on the sales of it, may be.


Knitted doll of “American Dokkun” were on sale, too.


After that, we drove more and took a rest for lunch at somewhere. I had Hiyashi Chuka from Yoshinoya. I love this cold Ramen noodles with bit sweet Ponzu vinegar served in Summer season.


I tried Sumikko Gurashi dolls claw machine game there. I could get nothing. Ah, I had better not to try it.


Driving through hard rain area.

視界が悪い。The view wasn’t clear. Hard to see.


We got through the hard rain area and could see Nagashima Spa Land amusement park.


And I bought Green Tea Ice Cream for myself as a prize of working hard.


I ate it with Atsuko and Risa. So delicious!



After eating ice cream, there was a Sumikko Gurashi claw game machine again and Risa tried it. I didn’t see the result but anyway she is good at claw game.

We arrived at Osaka in the evening. Everybody did a good job! Thanks a lot!