712 Day Party 2021 高知 「カオティックノイズ」7月3日(土)

712 Day Party Japan Tour 2021, “Chaotic Noise” Kochi,

Saturday 3rd, July


Atsuko and I left Osaka in the morning by our manager’s drive and went to Kochi. Passing through Maiko Tunnel and corssed the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.

明石海峡大橋。Akashi Kaikyo Bridge.



We got through Awaji Island, crossed Oonaruto Bridge, enter into Shikoku Island  and arrived at Kochi.

Yokozuna Dog on the sidewalk.


Onagadori, long tale cock,  statue on the road.


We go to Hirome Market every time when we come to Kochi. We took a lunch here. It was our first time to come here after 4 years. I was excited.


I ate Katsuo no Tataki, lightly roasted bonito, set at the food court restaurant “Myojin Maru”. Bonito was so tasty and I got happy. There is a chain restaurant called “Ryujin Maru” in Osaka and I sometimes go there. I think the concept of the restaurant is coming from Myojin Maru.


We went to the venue after lunch. I found whale tiles on the sidewalk.

鰹のタイル。Bonito tiles, too.


Here is a famous street where is held Sunday market.


A few minutes away from the street, there is our today’s venue Chaotic Noise.


We loaded in and did sound check. We got used to the load in because it’s the second week of the tour.



Then we sat up our merch table.


My hand made “Candy Strap” with my hand drawing. It’s the only one on earth.


Our re-make heart t shirt is popular to the audience.

一旦ホテルに入り、身支度をして再び会場へ。本日のサポートは73 ファンシーホラー。これまで何度かサポートしてもらったバンド「不良外人」のハンダ君のバンドです。

We went to the hotel first and got ready for the show. Then we came back to the venue. Today’s support is “73 Fancy Horror” which is Mr. Handa’s band from “Fryo Gaijin” who have supported us several times in Kochi.


Our show time had came.

Live pictures by Atsushi Shibata


The audience in Kochi is very energetic. We got power from them and got heated. The floor after show was very wet as if someone spread water.


We went to “Akatanuki” restaurant for dinner as last time after packed our equipment.


I ate delicious local food like lightly roasted Moray eel and went to bed.