2023年11月19日(日)十三しょんべんフェス 大阪

Sunday, November 19th Juso Shonben Fes, Osaka



We played at Juso Shonben Fes in Osaka. This festival was held on Saturday and Sunday, November 18th and 19th at Live House GABU and Cabaret Grand Saloon Juso. Our appearance day was 19th but I went to see the event on 18th beforehand. I went to the retro style cabaret, Grand Saloon Juso.


I entered into the venue. It was gorgeous.


There were box seats inside and there were retro beautiful lamps on each tables.


Chandelier was gorgeous, too.




Idle group performed on stage.


This might be a cupboard for keeping alcohol liquor bottles of customers.



Then I checked the load in route of the venue GABU which we play on 19th and went home.

On Sunday 19th, we arrived at GABU just before noon. Our show time was 14:00.


I sat up our merch table and started the show. Our show time was the first one of this day. It was easy for us because we could leave our equipment after sound check. I could enough concentrate to the stage. Nice!




I’m sure that we had very thick set of 30 minutes. I hope the audience love that. This became the last show of this year. Thank you for coming to our show and thanks to the staff of this event. This was a cool event.

Next is Australia and New Zealand tour which starts from February 21st. I hope all of you have a great year. Let’s get together and have fun at Shonen Knife show in 2024!

2023年11月11日(土)SPACE ADVENTURE 2023 大阪・なんばMele

Space Adventure 2023

Saturday, November 11th 2023 at Namba Mele, Osaka



Shonen Knife one-man show, Space Adventure 2023 Osaka was held on Saturday, November 11th at Namba Mele.

I had lunch at home. Putting on Kakiage Tempura from a supermarket yesterday on rice and pour some Tentsuyu sauce. I was so good. Tentsuyu is fish and soy flavor sauce.

この日も東京同様、ライブとフリーマーケットを同時開催しました。フリーマーケットのために、Space Adventure 2023特製プラバンを手作りしました。

We held a flea market as Tokyo show. I made plastic plates Space Adventure 2023 special by myself.


Draw pictures on a thin plastic plate and heat them in an electric oven toaster for some minutes. Then they shrink and fix the shape to key holders. I made 5 pieces. It was a bit hard to make but I love these.


In the afternoon, we arrived at the venue, Namba Mele which is close to Namba station and the location is very good. They have an enough space in front of the bar and we use the space for the flea market. People at the venue are kind to us.


This is the space in front of the Bar. Naru joined into the flea market and brought many items.


I sold my acoustic guitar at our Tokyo show. The acoustic guitar brand which sold in Tokyo was POS. It is a brand of a music instrument shop in Osaka. Today, I sold Morales guitar which is a brand of music score publishing company Zen-on. I still have some more acoustic guitars at home and wanted to sell this one to someone who use it. A wonderful people bought this and the guitar must be happy.

サウンドチェック。今日の私服はNight RangerのTシャツ。去年10月の来日公演で買ってから初めて着ました。来日公演楽しかったなぁ。ステージ写真:太田智子

Soundcheck. I wore Night Ranger T-shirt. I bought this at their concert in Osaka in October last year. It was the first time for me to wear this one. Ah, the show was fun, anyway.

Stage photos by Tomoko Ota


I sat up the merch table and the show time came very quickly. I didn’t got nervous so much. It may be that the set list was played last week in Tokyo.



Jump, jump, jump!

Sing, sing, sing!

Flying VVV!




Wearing Space Adventure 2023 T-shirt, doing encore! Yeah!





Our show finished safely with many cheerful audience. Thank you for coming! I thank to the audience who from all over Japan and all over the world.

Beautiful photographer Tomoko Ota took many fabulous pics. Thanks a lot.

Left: Naru, Right: Tomoko Ota

I also thank to staff at Namba Mele and Shonen Knife Family who help our merch.


And of course Atsuko and Risa played very well. Great job! Next show on 19th November will be the last show of this year. ROCK!


2023年11月4日(土)Space Adventure 2023 東京・秋葉原クラブグッドマン

Space Adventure 2023

Saturday, November 4th 2023 at Akihabara Club Goodman, Tokyo



We held our one-man show “Space Adventure 2023” at Akihabara Club Goodman in Tokyo on Saturday, November 4th.

We drove from Osaka to Tokyo on a National Holiday, November 3rd by car. I had Kakiage Udon noodles at a driver’s cafe on the way to Tokyo. It was yummy!


Mt. Fuji came into my view.


Driving and driving, our van entered Tokyo. I saw lighten up Tokyo Tower from the car window.


After checked in the hotel, I went to a “Family Restaurant” near by. I ate Macaroni Gratin which is my favorite from my childhood.


I got full and went to bed. I was nervous for tomorrow’s show.



On the next day, Saturday, November 4th, the day of our one-man show. I slept well and went to a Soba noodle restaurant around the hotel. It had stylish old style storefront. There are many Soba noodle restaurants in Tokyo. Soba in Tokyo is so good.

We stayed the east area of Tokyo inner city because the venue is in that area. I love this area a lot. I feel the atmosphere of historical Edo area.


I had Zaru Soba noodles with sesame sauce on the side. Dipping in the sauce, it was so good. Comparing the price in Osaka, it was a bit expensive but it was so tasty.


After lunch, I had fresh cream Dora Yaki pancake at a Japanese sweets shop. I got ready for the show tonight.


On the way to the hotel, I dropped at a tiny playground. This fence looks like Mondrian style or a police car.


I tried to ride on a police motorcycle.


Then we went to the venue Akihabara Club Goodman. This is a nice venue. I love here.


We received a very beautiful flower as a gift. Thank you so much! I was so happy.


We held Flea Market at the floor after mostly 10 years. My best featured item was an acoustic guitar. I’m sure that this guitar got happy with a new owner.


After we sat up the merch table, we took a picture.

さて今回、Space Adventure 2023 東京&大阪のライブでは、Flying Vを使用することにしました。1994年にロサンゼルスでTOMATO HEADの曲のミュージックビデオを撮影したのですが、そのロケ現場にMarty Friedmanさんが見に来てくれました。その時にもらったサインがこちら。日本語で書いてくれました。思い出深いです。

I decided to use Flying V for this Space Adventure 2023 Tokyo and Osaka show. I got an autograph from Marty Friedman when we took a music video of TOMATO HEAD song  in Los Angeles in 1994. He came to see us. He drew in Japanese as “Do your best. Shonen Knife’s fan, Marty Friedman”. So lovely.


Sound check.


We are ready to go!



I got very nervous for the new long set list but I could have very good time with a great audience. Thank you for coming to our show!!

And thanks to our Tokyo branch staff “Team Papalion” and a illustrator  Mami Saito. I also thank to staff at Club Goodman.

Live photos by Atsushi Shibata


After we went back to the hotel and went to eat dinner. It was delicious at a genuine Chinese restaurant.


Cheers with Atsuko and Risa. Everyone did a great job!


Shrimp mayo chili. so good.


Fried rice was good, too.


Sunday, November 5th was a travel day to Osaka. We had lunch at Hamamatsu driver’s cafe.


There were many travelers at the food court and had long queues. I got this Hamburg Steak at a deli which had not so long queue. It was delicious.


Stopped at Kariya Driver’s cafe. They has a big Ferris Wheel.


Sunset around Nara prefecture. We arrived at Osaka at night safely. Everyone did a great job!

2023年10月8日(日)麦音フェスト 大阪府茨木市 Bakuon Fest in Ibaraki city Osaka




We played at “Bakuon Fest” which was held at Ibaraki City, Osaka on Sunday, October 8th.

This is a festival for enjoying Beer and Rock.


I love all Rock Festivals but I especially love this Bakuon Fest so much. We played as a head liner of Sunday, 8th.

大好きなイベントを自分でも楽しみたい、8日のライブ当日はゆっくりしている時間がないからと、7日の方にお客さんとして会場に遊びに行きました。この日はいいお天気で、トリの「PLAY ROCK!!!麦音スペシャル」(メンバー:鬼怒 無月 G & Vo 佐藤 研二 B & Vo 江藤 良人 Dr & Vo)のステージを見せてもらいながら、おいしい地ビールやおつまみを堪能しましいた。私の好きな60&70年代のハードロックのカバー中心の演奏で、Judas Priestの曲も披露されていました。楽しかった!

I wanted to enjoy this favorite event by myself but I have no time to see around on 8th. Then I went to the Festival on 7th. It was a sunny day and I enjoyed delicious local beer, food and the music of “PLAY ROCK!!! BAKUON special”. This band is a all star band of excellent musicians and played 60’s and 70’s Hard Rock covers mainly. They played my favorite Judas Priest’s number.


On 8th, we arrived at the venue in the afternoon. It was a rain but fortunately, not so hard. Just a bit raining.  After we arrived, I sat up merch table. I needed to put vinyl table cloth on the tent for protecting rain. Anyway, we sat up the merch booth safely.

I watched the stage of the Osaka’s legendary progressive band “MIDAS” from backstage and prepared for the show. Their music is artistic and cool.

Then our showtime! In spite of raining, so many people came to see us. Thank you so much!


It was a free concert and many of my friends came to see us. I was happy about that. Bakuon Fest  was held first time after 4 years. I hope this festival continue as long as possible. This is really fun, delicious event. I love that.


We took a picture with Mr. Uto, the vocalist and violinist  from MIDAS also a member of executive comittee of this event. Thank you so much!

わたしが手にもっているのは、今回出展されていたMexican Bar YAKの方々から頂いたタコサラダ。ステージで「Vamos Taquitos」の曲を演奏する際、MCでメキシカンが出展されている旨をしゃべったら、ライブ終了後に持って来てくださいました。とーってもおいしかったです。機会があれば、今度お店に食べに行きたいと思っています。ありがとうございました!

I’m holding Mexican Salad in my hand which was given by a Mexican Bar YAK who was joining to this event as a food track. I mentioned about them when we play our song “Vamos Taquitos”. After show, they gave it to us. It was so delicious and I would like to go to this bar someday. Thanks a lot!

2023年8月19日(土)和歌山CLUB GATE

Saturday, August 19th 2023
Live at CLUB GATE Wakayama City, Japan
和歌山CLUB GATEにて行われた「ロレルコナイト」に出演しました。


I made special goods for this show. This character named “Tanuki Neko” but the name is temporary name. I’m thinking more good name now. Anyway, Wakayama is famous for tasty plum UMEBOSHI. I drew pictures first.

型にはめてバッジにします。Then make them to buttons.


袋に詰めて完成!Put in a bag and finished!

当日は午前11時から12時までスタジオに入ってリハーサルをしました。本日のベースはなるちゃん。なるちゃんとライブするのは去年の12月のSpace Adventure以来です。

We rehearsed from 11am to 12pm at a studio in Osaka. Our bassist for this show is Naru. It became the first time to play with her since “Space Adventure” shows in December 2022.

その時のブログ↓ My blog at that time↓



When I look at pictures on my blog, it was only 8 months ago but I feel a lot of time have passed.


After finishing rehearsal, we drove to Wakayama City. We had lunch at Izumiotsu Driver’s Cafe. I had Kitsune Udon noodles. It was good with sweetie tasty deep fried tofu.

紀ノ川を渡るところ。 Crossing the Kinokawa river.

ほどなく和歌山CLUB GATEに到着!大変きれいで快適な会場です。

Arrived at CLUB GATE Wakayama after a moment! It is a clean and comfortable venue.

機材を搬入してサウンドチェックとグッズコーナー設営を済ませて本番まで3時間余り。外は猛烈な暑さのため、楽屋でメンバーと歓談していました。そして本番!4年ぶりに演奏する「Dizzy」、緊張した!最後は「Giant Kitty」で燃焼して無事30分のライブが終了しました。来て下さった方々に感謝します。ありがとう!!


We loaded in and finished soundcheck and setting the merch table. Still there are more than 3 hours spare time until the show time. We were staying at the dressing room and chatted because it was very hot outside. Then show time! I got a bit nervous to play our song Dizzy because it was the  first time to play after 4 years. For the last song for the set list, we played our Hard Rock style song Giant Kitty and the audience got excited with that song. I was happy to play and thank you for coming to the show!!

Also I thank to Ms. Roreruko-san who organized this event. Thank you so much! All other bands played well and it was a great event.

Live photos by MICHI @michicamera_Photo


MICHI @michicamera_Photo

MICHI @michicamera_Photo


I autographed on the wall at the venue.


After finished the show, Risa and Naru went back to Osaka earlier than me by train. I went to eat Wakayama Ramen after the event finished and loaded out. Wakayama is famous for its unique style Ramen noodles. There are not so many Ramen restaurant which open till late but this one opens.


It was so delicious with thin noodles in a thick but gentle say sauce Tonkotsu flavored soup.



I bought Umeboshi pickled plum at Kinokawa Driver’s Cafe on the way home.

Beer after show is the best!


Our next show will be held on October 8th. It is a Rock, Beer and delicious food event called BAKUON Fest at Ibaraki City, Osdaka. It is a free concert. Please come and enjoy tasty beer and music!



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