February 23, The Basement, Canberra

2月23日(金)キャンベラ The Basement
フリークエントフライヤーのPaulとGregに引っ付いてVirgin Airのラウンジに入れてもらって朝ごはん。食パンにスクランブルドエッグをのせて食べました。

We left the hotel at 6am and went to Brisbane airport. So sleepy! We checked in so many luggages at the airport counter.

We followed to Paul and Greg who are frequent flyer of Virgin air and entered into the lounge. I had scrambled egg on a piece of bread.


I should go to washroom at the lounge but went out and the regular washrooms. There was a long queue and took time. I made Paul to worry about me again. Sorry!


After the arrival at Canberra, it rained very hard. We took a rent-a-car and drove to the hotel. I had Chicken Ramen from Japan and took a nap. Then went to the venue.


The venue. There were Rock’n’roll pinball machines there.

会場内。Inside of the venue.




After soundcheck, we returned to the hotel and had McDonald’s chicken burger in the room. The taste is universal. Good.


I drew drum head art in the room. We went back to the venue and show time! So many people came to the show and everybody looked having fun. Thank you so much for coming!

T-shirts stocks were getting low. Paul made this signboard.



I couldn’t find any photos of our show. Sorry!

We came back to the hotel and handy tiny bottled wine and  beer. Then I went to bed.

February 22, Felons Barrel Hall, Brisbane

2月22日(木)Felons Barrel Hall ブリスベン


Checked out the hotel in Gold Coast at 11am and drove to Brisbane in Paul’s car. We had spare time until the check in time and had lunch at a cafe which Paul recommended. Egg Benedict was so good!




Then we checked in the same hotel with the day before yesterday. To tell the truth, I couldn’t find  my iPad from yesterday. It must be that I left it in this hotel. I asked at the front desk and the front lady said “Oh!”. Anyway, It was returned to me and the person behind me in a queue of check in glad for me. Thanks a lot! I usually don’t left something but I sometimes do this time. I lost my supporter of legs or hair rubber band and found later.

We went to the venue and did sound check. It was a fancy venue and made craft beer.


会場へはカートで。Using cart to enter to the venue.



There was no dressing room but open air rooftop, we took the catering dinner to the hotel which is 17 minutes walk from the venue. We took a cart ride till the half way.

I had veggie burger. It was good! Then prepared for the show and went back to the venue.


So many people came to our show and enjoyed. It was our bassist Atsuko’s birthday and our audience sang Happy Birthday song to her. So kind!


Thank you for coming to our show! Cheers!


Three of us walked back to the hotel. I saw beautiful night scenery along the river.



Came back to the hotel room and had the venue’s original beer. Good night!

February 21, Vinnies Dive Bar, Gold Coast

2月21日(水)ゴールドコースト、Vinnies Dive Bar


We checked out the hotel in Brisbane at 10am. Paul picked up us and went to his house to get some CDs and vinyls, received our luggage from Melbourne at the airport, rental place of Drums, got T-shirts to a storage, then drove to Gold Coast. We drove around the town of Brisbane. It has many hills and slopes. The driving was like a riding on a roller coaster.


We checked in the hotel in Gold Coast and went a gas station Seven-Eleven. I bought Sushi rolls there and ate them in a hotel room.


The view from the window. It’s a paradise of surfers!




We loaded in the venue and did soundcheck. After that we went to eat dinner to a Japanese Restaurant near by. Salmon sushi was so good!


会場。Tonight venue VINNIES.

新しいTシャツ!New T-shirts!


Our live show was so packed with cheerful audience. Thank you for coming to our show!

Live Photo : Bill Prendergast
Scenestr mag

February 19 and 20 Travel Day from 🇯🇵to🇦🇺



Shonen Knife’s Australia and New Zealand Tour has just started! “The team Osaka” Risa and I departed from Osaka-Kansai Airport.


I was surprised when I saw the price list at Ramen shop and Onigiri shop because it was so expensive. It’s two times as much of the restaurants in town.


The flight meal was seafood pasta. It was good. Ice cream on the side. I watched two movies “Burnt” and “Barbie” in the cabin.


We took Cathay Pacific and toward to Hong Kong first. The arrival time was February 20th. I got hungry and bought a bottle of water and almond cookies at the airport.



From Hong Kong to Melbourne. The departure time was delayed an hour. I was worried. Flight meal was served 2 time. Both were good. Chocolate ice cream on the side.




The second transfer was at Melbourne but we got trouble here! We shouldn’t have time to take a picture! I asked at the check-in counter in Osaka Kansai Airport and got an answer that the luggage fly through Brisbane. But actually we should pick up our luggage at the first airport where we enter in  Australia. I noticed that after we went out from the baggage claim. We went to the baggage office but the person in charge said “Your flight will depart soon! Hurry up to the gate! Your luggage will be delivered in the next flight.” And we went to the gate and took the flight to Brisbane.



Arrived at Brisbane airport. Our reliable long time agent aka the owner of Valve records came to the airport to pick us up. I talked to him about our luggage and he helped us to sort the luggage. A person at an office of luggage claim said “You should go back to Melbourne and pick them up by yourself!” With a kind of angry face. Is that true? But anyway, I called to the number which I got at Melbourne airport and answered that they will be delivered at night. Oh, dear! We planed to pick them up tomorrow before we drive to Gold Coast. Paul, Risa and I drove to a hotel in Brisbane.


We joined with Atsuko who arrived to the hotel earlier  from Los Angeles and after a little break, we went to Uniqlo to buy my trousers for pajama. Because I left everything in Melbourne airport. After that, we had dinner at a foreign style Sushi restaurant. I was happy to eat dinner. The chicken cutlet bento was tasty.


It is so helpful that Paul reserved a hotel which has kitchen and laundry. We washed our clothes on the first day. Our shows will start from tomorrow! Let’s have fun and ROCK!


2023年11月19日(日)十三しょんべんフェス 大阪

Sunday, November 19th Juso Shonben Fes, Osaka



We played at Juso Shonben Fes in Osaka. This festival was held on Saturday and Sunday, November 18th and 19th at Live House GABU and Cabaret Grand Saloon Juso. Our appearance day was 19th but I went to see the event on 18th beforehand. I went to the retro style cabaret, Grand Saloon Juso.


I entered into the venue. It was gorgeous.


There were box seats inside and there were retro beautiful lamps on each tables.


Chandelier was gorgeous, too.




Idle group performed on stage.


This might be a cupboard for keeping alcohol liquor bottles of customers.



Then I checked the load in route of the venue GABU which we play on 19th and went home.

On Sunday 19th, we arrived at GABU just before noon. Our show time was 14:00.


I sat up our merch table and started the show. Our show time was the first one of this day. It was easy for us because we could leave our equipment after sound check. I could enough concentrate to the stage. Nice!




I’m sure that we had very thick set of 30 minutes. I hope the audience love that. This became the last show of this year. Thank you for coming to our show and thanks to the staff of this event. This was a cool event.

Next is Australia and New Zealand tour which starts from February 21st. I hope all of you have a great year. Let’s get together and have fun at Shonen Knife show in 2024!


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