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September 17th Tuesday, “Durer Kert” Budapest, Hungary

September 17th Tuesday, “Durer Kert”  Budapest, Hungary

9月17日(火)「Durer Kert」Budapest, Hungary



It takes 2 hour drive from Bratislava, Slovakia to Budapest, Hungary and we had an hour for sightseeing. I rushed to the center of the town of Bratislava. For the first, I had breakfast.


I walked very fast to downtown for 20 minutes, fortunately I could see the change of guards. It was like a toy guards. Fantastic! I took many pictures of the beautiful town Bratislava, Slovakia. You can click the photos and see the big size.

そして、ホテルに戻り、車で2時間走ってハンガリーのブダペストに到着しました。こちら、会場「Durer Kert」です。内部に面白いオブジェがあしらわれています。

Then I came back to the hotel and had 2 hour drive to Budapest, Hungary. Here is the venue “Durer Kert”. There are some unique objects inside of the venue.


It was cold outside, the day before was very warm, though.  Three girls were wearing the same jackets?!



Our show went very well. There were so many audience and some boys at the front were dancing. One guy was doing “air guitar”. Thanks a lot!

For dinner, local foods were served. Warm fruits soup and pork にょっき. Thank you!

September 16th Monday, “KC Dunaj” Bratislava, Slovakia

September 16th Monday, “KC Dunaj”          Bratislava, Slovakia

9月16日(月)「KC Dunaj」スロバキアのブラティスラヴァ



It takes just an hour from Vienna to Bratislava then we had time to see around in Vienna until afternoon. Using tram, we went to sightseeing for downtown Vienna.


We got off the tram at Opera station. As the name, there is an Opera Theater also there are Cathedral, souvenir shops, restaurants. Many people from all over the world visit here.


I was starved from when I left the hotel and had lunch right after we arrived. I ordered Salmon Cheese and etc… at deli.  They are thick and delicious.


Horse carriages were running and I saw ticket sales man wearing Mozart clothes.  It reminds me of Arashiyama, Kyoto Japan.

そして、ホテルに戻って、1時間車に乗ってスロバキアの首都、ブラティスラヴァの会場「KC Dunaj」に到着。サウンドチェックの後、会場横のラジオ局でインタビューを受けました。会場のカフェで売っているかわいいカップケーキをおやつに出してもらいました。とーってもおいしかったです。日本のカップケーキと味が似ているような気がしました。

Then we went back to the hotel and had an hour drive to Bratislava, the capitol city of Slovakia. We arrived at the venue KC Dunaj. After sound check, we were invited to radio interview. They serve cute cupcakes from the café at the venue. They were very good. Their tastes were similar to Japanese one.


These are outside and inside of the venue.


I had 10 minutes for spare time after sound check, I went outside and took pictures. It’s a beautiful town.



Many people came to our show and some girls were dancing along our songs. Thanks a lot. We’d like to come back again soon to Slovakia.

For our night dinner, I had local food which is a kind of crèam sauceにょっきand some pieces of pork on it.

from Osaka to London

I had a few days off in London just before our UK & EU tour. I took Quatar airlines. This is Doha airport for transit. It took 9 hours, 4 hours transit and from Osaka-Kansai to Doha and 7 hours from Doha to Heathlow-London. Very long journey. Anyway, Quatar airlines were nice. Foods were good and attendants were kind.


てな具合でフィッシュアンドチップス食べたり、  eating Fish & Chips…

タワーブリッジ、見たり。  Went to see Tower Bridge…

ウエストミンスター寺院でパイプオルガンの演奏を聴いたり、 enjoyed pipe organ performance at Westminster Temple,

ボローマーケットでメレンゲ食べたり、  eating meringue at Borough market,

ウインブルドンテニス博物館行って、センターコート見たり、  went to Wimbledon Tennis Museum and saw the centre court,

大英博物館に行ったり、(この人、奈良の大仏さんみたいな顔だった)   went to British Museum,

キャラメルショートブレッドを食べたり、 Caramel Shortbread is so nice.

貸自転車には乗らなかったけどね。これ便利なシステムだな。でも日本だと置き場がないだろう。 Good system, rental cycle.

いろんなところへ行かしてもらいました。んで、ツアーが始まったのだ。 I enjoyed London.  Tour would be started.