From Naoko

June 7th – 8th Travel Day from London UK to Osaka JAPAN


We took a taxi at 10:30am and went to Heathrow Airport. Checked in our luggage and ate vegetable gyoza dumplings at a “Japanese style” dinner. Coating dough tastes a little less cooked.

ぱくぱく。Eat, eat.


Atsuko will go to Los Angeles. Risa and I will go to Osaka. We took a picture. This stuffed duck will board, too.

今回は、関空に就航して間もない、British Airways直行便。直行便は体が楽や~!

We use direct flights of British Airways between Heathrow-London and Osaka-Kansai this time which started to service from 1st of April. It’s getting very easy for us to go to London.

機内食1色目。The first flight meal.

野菜パスタ。Vegetable pasta.


Soy sauce on the side. There is no dishes which needs soy sauce. Or is this is a kind of dramatic demonstration of Japan?


映画は、「Iris Apfel」見て、丸い眼鏡にかなり影響された!そのあと、映画館で見たけど、復習のため「Bohemian Rhapsody」見てみた。でも最後の方で機内エンタテインメントのシステムダウンになり、終わりまでは見られなかった。システムが復旧し、「Aquaman」みて、「未来のミライ」みた。どの映画も途中でこちらのシステムダウンにより(寝てしまった)間が消えてしまっていた。でも、映画って面白いね。

Second meal. Quiche in cream sauce. It was thick.

I saw some movies. “Iris Apfel” was interesting. I was inspired by Iris’ big eyeglasses. After that, I saw “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I watched it at a movie theater once but I wanted to review. At the end of this film, the system of the flight entertainment program went down. I couldn’t see it until the end. Then the system recovered. I saw “Aquaman” and “Mirai”. My system went down, it means I took a nap without notice, in the middle of these movies, I couldn’t see these movies completely. Anyway, I love movies.


ALIVE! in Europe 2019 Tour終了し、無事帰国。見に来てくださったお客さま、ツアーにかかわって下さった関係者の皆様に感謝いたします。ありがとうございました!!また、ヨーロッパ行きたい!!

Landed at Kansai airport and on the way home, I ate “Kitsune-Udon noodles”, wheat noodles in soup, topped with deep-fried bean curd, which I wanted to eat from a few days ago.

Thanks to our audience and people who worked with us for this tour, ALIVE! in Europe 2019 Tour finished safely and successfully. I’d like to express my gratitude. Thanks again!!  I would like to come back to Europe again!!


June 6th A day off in London UK


I did some work from morning. We went to eat lunch at Korean Japanese restaurant in the neighbours. I ate Bulgogi.

完食。I ate everything.


Risa ordered cream Dorayaki for dessert.


I bought some pastry at a supermarket after lunch. We sorted and packed our T-shirts, CDs and luggage. It took almost 3 hours.


Risa preferred to stay, Atsuko and I went to a gastropub in the neighbours for dinner.


This is the place where the Kinks played their first gig.


After the owner changed, the interior was changed from the old one but they have a space called “Kinks room”.


We ordered shrimp Tempura at the Kinks room. It was very tiny portion but a little bit expensive.


We ordered on more. It was a fish cake. It was rather potato croquette but it was good taste and beautiful dish up.


Ray and Dave are brothers, too.



After dinner, we walked back to the hotel. On the way to the hotel, we saw shoppers in the neighbours, they were already closed, though. Took a shower and went to bed.

June 5th Travel Day from Krakow POLAND to London UK


The last breakfast at the hotel in Krakow.

ALIVE! in Europe 2019 Tour、トータル20本のライブ無事終了。SNS に、ツアー無事終了の写真を上げようと、ホテルのロビーで3人で写真を撮ってみた。間も無くタクシーの迎えが来て空港へ。

Totally 20 shows of ALIVE! in Europe 2019 Tour finished safely . I tried to take a photo of “finished the tour safely” for SNS at the hotel lobby. A taxi arrived and picked us.


Took photos again in the taxi and uploaded to SNS.


In these days, everything is going to  machine automatic at airports. There is no attendant here. We need to check in our luggage by ourselves. Here is oversized check in.


I went to shoppers at the airport after luggage check in.


We had this kind of souvenir, big pencil shaped pencil case, in Japan long time ago.


Colourful! Cute.

服かわいい。So cute clothes!


We brought back these coins for souvenirs.


We took Brussels Airlines. They serve no foods and drinks. I need to take my snacks with me.


Arrived at Brussels airport in Belgium safely. Famous Belgian beer’s tanks were exhibited.


Tin Tin’s Rocket. He is from Belgium, too.


We were waiting at an airport shuttle stop and tried to take a shuttle. I didn’t know why but shuttles didn’t stop at us. We gave up taking a shuttle and pushing cart, walked to the parking. It was lucky that the distance between the terminal to the parking. We took a ride in our van which were parked 3 days and 2 night. Pep started driving to the Dover Tunnel.


On the way to Dover, we stopped at a hyper market of Carrefour around Gent and bought Sushi at “Sushi Daily” which we often use.


Most of all Sushi is salmon sushi. They don’t have various kind of fish like Japan.


We could catch the Dover shuttle on time.


トンネル抜けて、車で約2時間走ってロンドンに帰ってきた。クラクフ のホテルを出て車、飛行機、トンネルのシャトルを乗り継ぎ、約12時間。ジャックさんが来てくれてロンドンのホテルにチェックインして、部屋でワインとビール飲んでシャワーも浴びずに就寝。くたくた!

There are 2 toilet areas in the shuttle at front and rear carriages. I didn’t know that our van was at front but I went to the toilet at the rear carriage. I had to open about 26 doors which were very heavy to open by air pressure. My arms were almost broken. It reminds me of a TV program “SASUKE”.

We went through the tunnel and drove 2 hours more, we arrived at London. Taking, a taxi, airplane, tunnel shuttle and our van, it took 12 hours total from Krakow. Jack came to the hotel in London and checked in the hotel. I had beer and wine at the room. I couldn’t take a shower because I was so tired.

June 4th Małpolska, Krakow POLAND


The hotel breakfast was gorgeous.


I tried the cake this morning. Delicious.


Event information of this town today was on the table.


Wow! About our show was written.


Meeting at the lobby at 9:30am and went to the radio station passing through the venue. Our band name was on the board.


Took a bus for 2 stops and arrived at 101.6FM.


Took a photo with Ula and people at the radio station.


The broadcasting program starts now.


Went back to the hotel once and loaded in the venue.


I rented a guitar amp and a cabinet today.


Gorgeous shiny lighting.


We went to eat after soundcheck and setting merch stand.


Shrimp black Tagliatelle. Yummy.


I had Panna cotta after dinner. Am I eating too much?!


Back to the venue.


Walking through the entrance where the monitors showed our photos.

楽屋へ。To a dressing room.


Soon the show started.

Photos by Pep


It vacate a very good show surrounded by happy smiling audience. Many people came to the merch stand for our autograph session. Thank you so much! Ula did great job. Thanks! I would like to come back here again.

June 3rd promotion in Krakow POLAND

クラクフ のホテルで朝ごはん。サラダが充実。

I had breakfast at the hotel dinner in Krakow. Their salad was good.


We met Ula and a video crew at 10am at the hotel lobby and walked to the town.

This rails for the street cars no longer in current use.


ポーランド のギョウザ、ピエロギの専門店。看板がかわいい。

Polish dumplings, Pierogi shop. The signboard looks cute.

Having a walk.



Rynek Glowny, Markt square.

観光馬車。Sightseeing carriage.


We took a video for promotion.


Now Ula is commenting.


Took a walk a lot more,


Guided this historical town,


Took a bus for 2 stops, we went to a place close to a radio station.


This is the radio station.


We didn’t go to the radio station on this day but went to a popular ice cream shop.


I didn’t eat it because of the condition of my stomach but everyone but me ate it with relish.


Backing by bus,


Ula showed us the venue where we play tomorrow.


Cool building. It’s an art centre.


Went back to the hotel around noon and we were free from afternoon. Atsuko and I went to eat. Risa preferred to stay at the hotel. We went to a Udon noodles restaurant near by. I relaxed at the table after finished ordering, suddenly my phone bell was ringing. Risa was calling to me. She said that we had to move to another hotel room. I left Atsuko at the restaurant and rushed back to the hotel. Pep is joining us today and Atsuko and I had to move to a double room with 2 beds. Risa and I took our belongings from 2 single rooms to 1 double room. Rounded a few times between three rooms.


I got sweat very much and went back to the restaurant. My sesame Udon noodles were already served. Still a little warm. It was thick with sesame paste. Vegetable Tempura was very tasty.


This isn’t Suribachi, mortar but a wooden pastle was served. We sometimes see “Ground sesame by yourself” kit at some Japanese restaurant in Japan. Does the chef here come to Japan and learn?!


Then we went to a souvenir shop and bought something for my friends in Japan. There were so many cute items!


It is a convenient town. Everything is in a walk distance.


I did the same with a little boy.


It was warm. This lion looks tiring.


Walked into the central market. There were many souvenir shops.


Old and gorgeous.



Took a video of the carriage.

I came back to my hotel room after talking a walk and did some work like prepared for tomorrow or sending emails.


Then all of us went to have dinner to a Polish restaurant by walk.


The colour and the atmosphere of the interior reminds me of a Japanese hamburg dish restaurant “Bikkuri Donky”.


Only one show left. We worked very hard! Cheers!


Polish music were played. So cool!


The meat eaters, Risa and Pep ordered an assorted meat plate.


I ordered a chicken cutlet.



I ate vegan ice cream for desert. It looks soya milk ice cream. It was yum but the portion was so big. I couldn’t eat all.

Went back to the hotel room and went to bed.