From Naoko

September 20 City Winery, Washington DC


Checked out the hotel at 11am, we went to Guitar Center in Richmond. Each one bought bass cables or drum sticks. After that, we bought a fan for stage at CVS. Because one fan of the three was broken. Kenny noticed that he left his credit card somewhere when he paid at a cashier. He found that he left it at the Guitar Center and went to get it. Driving more and filled fuel.


Tons of squashed insects were on the car window. Kenny cleaned up.

しばらく走って、昼食は、Cracker Barrelへ。

Driving more and had lunch at Cracker Barrel.


Souvenir market was at the entrance.


Let’s eat.


I had rainbow trout sauté. I was hungry and ate very quickly but I was still hungry.


Wow, Obelisk!


Then we arrived at the venue. Loaded in from a back door. This is like “Billboard Live” in Japan which has table and people enjoy a show with dinner. I had no time to take a picture of the building. Sound check and went to a dressing room.


Mosquito incense was burnt and I felt like Japanese summer. There were lots of mosquitoes. It may welling up mosquitoes somewhere. I protected by peppermint oil but I had some bites. Big poster was sat and we autographed on it.


I saw many school buses from the dressing room window.


I drew Drumhead Art. This is Tanuki-neko Ponta-kun.


This is Risa’s. A girl.


Dinner was from the venue kitchen. “Risotto” and sweet potato on the side. Risotto was different than I imagined. It was made by wheats.


There was a billiard board at the side room.


Show time! It was our one-man show. We played a little longer set.

Live pics by Kira


I saw some families and children seemed enjoyed our show with dancing. The audience can come forward and dance or staying at the table and enjoy the show. It was a pleasant atmosphere. Thank you so much for coming to our show!


I was hungry after l came back to the hotel and made cup Udon noodles and ate it, then went to bed.

September 19 The Camel, Richmond VA


It’s a show day after very very long drive. We left the hotel at 9:40 and drove a while, went to a Chinese bakery which Kenny’s recommendation.


They sold fancy breads. I bought 4 pastries. I wanted to buy sliced bread but it was too big. I might can’t eat all. I didn’t buy it.


I bought a red beans mochi pastry which Kenny’s favorite and ate it in the van. It was my first experience to eat such tasted bread. Not too sweet red beans and sweet mochi which is the same one with mochi ice inside and covered a little sticky bread then crispy shell outside. Yum.


At a gas station we stopped after a while. There were various kinds of beef jerkies.


Why skeletons are so popular?


The way of display was unique.


After that, we dropped at Chick-fil-A which is a chicken fast food restaurant. I asked that could I ordered kids meal and it was okay. Atsuko and I ordered this. A small toy came with the meal. We gave them to FISA and Kira. It was good that they looked happy.


At an another gas station where we filled up fuel. The design of the packages were interesting.


Finally!!! We could see the town Richmond. It took 12 hours from our hotel this morning.


The door at the venue was already opened. There were many people at the bar next to the venue. The show hadn’t started. We loaded in our equipment quickly. We had no sound check today.


We picked up our dinner from the menu of the bar and delivered to the dressing room. I ordered crab cake sandwich. For the side, salad with ranch dressing. It was so yummy! I ate half of it and took away the leftover. You should be careful for crab shell when you eat crab cake.



2 support bands finished to play. It’s our show time! We had to set up whole drum kit. After line check, our show had started.

The venue was packed and there were many people not only the venue but at the bar.

Live pics by Kira


Thank you for the sold out show! I was happy so many people came to see our show after 12 hours travel. Thank you for coming to our show and cheerful support during the show. Washington DC tomorrow.

September 18 Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta GA


Got up in the morning and I had a bad stomachache. It seemed that I got chilled in bed. Oh, no! I was very exhausted and left the hotel at 9am. A typhoon was coming to Houston where we stayed last night. We could avoid it but scary.

途中、Firehouse Sub’s という、消防署がテーマのサンドイッチ屋さんに寄り、みんなはそこで昼食。意地悪な虎の絵が壁にあった。わたしは断食の為、隣の1ドルショップ、日本で言う100均を見に行く。怖いハロウィングッズたくさんあった。

We dropped at a sandwich house, Firehouse Sub’s which theme is firefighters.

Everybody but me ate something there. I had better to eat nothing and went to a dollar store next to the sub’s which is like a 100 yen shop in Japan. Scary Halloween goods were sold.


Dropped off our luggage and went to the venue.

It’s a long way to the

top if you want to rock’n’roll.


I don’t like long stairs. It’s impossible to carry heat equipment to upstairs.


Wow! There is a small lift. Jake said that when he came here last time, there was no lift. Oh, boy.



A roller of our guitar cabinet was broken from a few days ago. It’s so inconvenient. We should repair.

I wish our bass bass cabinet had rollers, too.


Loaded in and soundcheck.


Twist Barbie のカクテル飲んでみたい!おいしそう。

I’d like to try Twist Barbie cocktail. It seems yummy.


We ordered foods from the restaurant at the venue for dinner. I had spinach, mushroom and cheese quesadilla. It was good. If I didn’t have stomachache in the morning, I would eat everything but I ate half of it and took away the leftover.


I went to a drugstore CVS to buy HALLS candies. I could buy my favorite honey lemon flavor.


At CVS, a magazine for Joker was sold. Hmm…


I came back to the dressing room and drew Drumhead Art after a few days. I draw the shape from the front and put colors from the other side.


We did a short photo session 30 minutes before the show and played.

Live pics by Kira



It was a hard day for me but thanks to kind audience, we could have a great time during our show. Thanks a lot!

Went back to the hotel and slept quickly after taking a shower. We have to drive 526miles, 850km tomorrow. It’s a same distance from Osaka to Sendai, London to Aberdeen or a little shorter than Melbourne to Sydney or Paris to Munich! So far!

September 17 Travel Day from Houston TX to Saraland AL


It’s a travel day. Checking out at 11am, driving a while, we stopped at a Texas BBQ place. They smoke meat at the backyard.


I ordered “chicken sandwich”. It’s sandwich but breads on the side.


Cutting chicken. Smoked well.


Others had rib meal.


Also breads on the side.


I wanted drink something sweet and bought Sprite. It was too sweet for me and drank a half. I like water.


Traffic jam was appeared,


We took a detour. I don’t like traffic jam.


Driving more, we stopped at a gas station with a souvenir shop.


Hello Alligator!


Alligator back-scratcher looks fragile.


You can buy old coins with this machine. Is it legal?


We met very hard rain on the way.


Driving through more, at a convenience shop at a gas station. They sold soft served ice cream of self-service.


You can serve as much as you can in a cup.


Topping are the same. As much as you can.


Risa and Kira bought them.


They sold foods like this. Meat, meat, meat!


Southern food, boiled peanuts. I think this is salty.



After 10 hours drive, we finally arrived at a hotel. I boiled spaghetti with microwave in the hotel room, put cod roe sauce and eat. I used regular spaghetti not “quick boil” spaghetti and it was delicious. I also made steamed rice and wrapped for tomorrow. Took a shower and slept quickly.

5 days in a row shows will starts from tomorrow!

September 16 White Oak Music Hall, Houston TX


Left the hotel at 9:15, drove to the neighbors of the destination and each of us had lunch at each places. I went to Taco Bell and ordered regular Taco and a cup of hot coffee. I’m happy to get hot coffee.


Houston is coming closer.

今日最初の目的地は、ここ。Houston Public Media 。2曲演奏と、インタビューの収録をする。

The first destination is here. Houston Public Medea. We had a plan to play 2 songs and having an interview.

機材の搬入。Load in.


Soon after we loaded in the studio, it started raining. It was cloudy but we were safe. We didn’t get rain.


Sat up equipment and record.


The video shooting for the 2 songs which planned went well and we recorded one more song. And we had an interview.


We could finish video shooting safely and loaded out. Then we dropped off our personal luggage at a hotel and drove to the venue. The weather getting worse again.


It was raining very hard when we arrived at the venue. All of us got wet and loaded in.


This venue seems new.


They had outside stage. It looks like “Rock Festival Everyday”.


The entrance seems like a big concert hall.


There was a venue on the first floor but it was closed today. Our venue was upstairs.


When we were doing sound check, the speaker in front of the stage didn’t work. The sound man at the venue had to repair.


I ordered 2 bottles of beer for our catering but there was no beer in these some shows. It may missing from the list at somewhere. I was a little sad. I don’t drink too much. Just one bottle for me and another for Atsuko.

近くに何も無かったので、Jakeに車を出してもらい、メキシカンのお店へ晩御飯を買いに行った。注文時の名前はナンシー。本名で頼むと、間違えられたり、聞き返されたりして時間かかるからね。ナンシーって、The Heartちゃうけど。

There was no restaurant around the venue. I asked Jake to drive us to a Mexican deli. I use Nancy when I order food. Naoko is not a common name here and it’s easy to order at the counter. The Heart has Nancy, too.


I had a cheese burger because I ate Taco for lunch. It cost five dollars. It was spicy. Is it because of Mexican? I was starved and ate very quickly. It was my first burger for this tour.


I took a little rest at the dressing room after having an interview from a university student. Then show time!

Live pics by Kira


We could have cheerful friendly audience today, too. Thank you so much for coming to our show!

ツアー前半サポートを務めていただいたMe Like Bees の皆さんとも今日でお別れ。素晴らしい音楽、素晴らしいステージをありがとう!お疲れさま!


It was the last show with Me Like Bees who supported our first half of the tour. Thank you for fabulous music and great shows!

2 vocalist picture with round shaped faces?!


Drummers and a ex drummer took a picture.


前列左から、ナイフグッズコーナー担当のきらちゃん、りさちゃん、わたし、あつこ、Vocal & Guitar の Luke, 中段は、Drums のLouis, グッズコーナー担当のDennon, Guitar のPete, 後列は、BassのJake, ナイフツアーマネージャーKenny, ナイフステージマネージャーJake。


At the end, all members of the bands and crew took a picture altogether. It reminds me of Japanese show. We often take a picture altogether after show in Japan.

Front left to right: SK merch girl Kira, Risa, me, Atsuko, Luke (vo. Guitar),

Middle: Louis (drums), merch boy Dennon, Pete (guitar),

Back: Jake (Bass), SK tour manager Kenny, SK stage manager Jake

Last half of the tour started! I will do my best and let’s have fun together!