From Naoko

September 19, Arrival day of Brisbane

9月19日(火) ブリスベンへの到着日



From Osaka Kansai to Singapore by Singapore Airlines. The uniforms of flight attendants are beautiful. No photo, though. It wasn’t so crowded in the aircraft, I was the only person who was sitting in the same  row of the center 4 seats. It was a rare chance. So lucky!

The flight meal was miso seasoned red fish. It was tasty. Bread and steamed rice served together is unusual for our daily meal in Japan but it’s often happening on board. 


Changi airport in Singapore. 


Tram between terminals. 



What is this advertisement for?

Then we transferred to the aircraft to Brisbane, Australia. 


The first flight meal from Singapore to Brisbane. Egg noodles. 


The second meal. This is “Pizza”.


Arrived at Brisbane airport. 


The passport control got improved. It was like a automatic ticket gate for railways. I scanned my passport. Risa could get through the gate but I had to go to an assistance but I could got through the passport control quickly. 


Risa and I went to baggage claim to pick our suitcases. We got them except my guitar. I went to an assistance counter and got an information that my guitar got to be a lost baggage. They said that it would be delivered until tomorrow morning. I was so surprised and disappointed. But anyway I exchanged some money and bought prepaid SIM card at the airport and went to a hotel by a taxi. It took around 20 minutes. 


After we joined with Atsuko at the hotel and went to China Town to have a dinner. 


The area was China Town but we went to a Thai restaurant and I ordered Brisbane’s XXXX beer. 


Cheers for our safety arrival. 


We shared chicken satay, friend rice and pad Thai. 




Seeing beautiful night view of Brisbane, we went back to the hotel and slept. I hope my guitar will arrive tomorrow. 

September 18, Departure Day

Ready! Set!! Go!!! オーストラリア&ニュージーランドツアーのはじまりはじまり〜。

9月18日(月) 敬老の日、我々のフライトは夜遅い便。家を出るまで時間にゆとりがあったので、ツアーに備えて顔のパックをする事にしました。



教訓: 出発前にいつもと変わった事したらあかん。


It’s a departure day for Ready! Set!! Go!! Australia and New Zealand tour. 

Departure time of our flight is late at night. I had spare time at home until Igo out and I decided to do cosmetic face pack. 

I took a shower and put one piece of pack on my face. After a few minutes later I felt some stimulation on my face. I thought this hot stimulation must be good for my skin and kept the pack longer. Then I pealed it and had very sore face. I saw a mirror and so surprised!!! My face skin where under the pack turned very red!!! So sore!

I rushed to a freezer to take refrigerants and wrapped with towels. I make my face cool down with them for a while. I wanted to go to a doctor’s office but it was a national holiday. I almost scream in despair. But I kept my face cool down, got a little better. I’ve never had such a horrible rash from cosmetics. 

I learned that I shouldn’t do unusual things before the tour. 

My face calmed down and arrived at the airport. 


Took a picture with Risa at Osaka Kansai airport. 


At a departure gate. 

9月4日(月) 移動日 福岡から大阪へ

Monday, September 4 Travel Day from Fukuoka to Osaka


Checked out the hotel at 10:00am and drove to Osaka.


I saw Hakata Port Tower from the car.


A luxuary big liner anchoring.


Kanmon Channel



At Kodani Service Area. We stick our heads on comic foreground and took a picture.


The baseball team, Hiroshima Carp is popular around here.


I had ham and cheese sandwich for lunch at the service area. I love bread!!!


Hot, hot, WASABI! Wasabi products.



Various kinds of creative key chains were sold as souvenirs.


Then we drove a while and had a rest at Fukuyama Service Area. There was a rose garden beside the area. Wow, there was a big rose heart shaped ring?!


Ah, they were artificial flowers…


There were many kinds of roses at the rose garden.



Daruma Doll key chain at the shop area.


So surprised!?

休み休み帰ったので、出発してから約9時間後に大阪市内入り。中之島、肥後橋あたりのビル群を見たら、ああ、帰って来た〜という気がしてホッとしました。とても充実した岡山、福岡ミニツアーでした。来てくださった方々に感謝します。noodles, ミラーレイクス、aaps、Dim Dam Donkey そしてスタッフのみなさま、おつかれさまでした!岡山、福岡、また行きたいです。このあとは、いよいよオーストラリア・ニュージーランドツアーが始まります。がんばるぞ!ツアーでお会いしましょう!

Took some rest, we arrived in Osaka around 7:00pm. Mostly 9 hours have passed after the departure at Fukuoka. I felt relax when I saw tall buildings around Nakanoshima, Higobashi area of Osaka. I had very good time during this mini tour to Okayama and Fukuoka. I thank to our fans who came to see our show and the cool bands, noodles, Mirrorlakes, aaps and Dim Dam Donkey and our tour crew. I want to come back to Okayama and Fukuoka. Our Australia/New Zealand tour will start soon. See you there!


9月3日(日)福岡 Queblik

Sunday, September 3, Queblik, Fukuoka JAPAN


We left Okayama at 7:30 and drove to Fukuoka after breakfast at the hotel.


We had a short break at Fukuyama Service area. The entrance is Japanese style.


I saw Finding Nemo fish there.


Tomato and Cheese Okonomiyaki pancake?! Is it popular in Hiroshima?


There were rice balls from hotel breakfast on Risa’s sheet. Rice balls can be energy for her.


Took a picture with rice balls.


We rested at Kanmon channel between Honshu island and Kyushu island.


Cable of the bridge is so thick.

Pic by Atsushi

Risa, Naru and me


We crossed the bridge and landed in Kyushu island. Then drove a while to Fukuoka city.


We had lunch at a food court of a shopping mall in Fukuoka. I ate Udon noodles and deep fried sardine. Noodles were thin and the portion was so big.


This classical building is Fukuoka City literature center. I took a picture from our car.


Then we arrived at the venue. Beautiful hand writing sign board.


The basement of this building is the venue, Queblik.

入り口。The entrance

ステージ。オープニングアクトはDim Dam Donkey。彼らとは、数年前小倉で対バンして以来の再会。そのご縁で彼らのアルバムにコメントをかかせてもらいました。

The stage. Opening act was Dim Dam Donkey. They opened for our show a few years in Kokura City, too.

We ROCKed a lot!!! Thank you for coming to our show!!!


ライブ終了後、noodles の皆さんと。左から、わたくし、Yokoさん、なるちゃん、Ikunoさん、Ayumiさん、りさちゃん。ギター、ベース、ドラムの順に並びました。noodlesは日本のバンドの中でも大好きなバンドの一つです。一緒にツアーした2日間、とても充実していました。おつかれさまでした。

↓ noodlesのYokoさんと私の対談記事のリンクです。ご参考まで。

After show with noodles. Left to Right: Naoko (me), Yoko, Naru, Ikuno, Ayumi and Risa. The order is Guitarists, Bassists and Drummers. I like noodles a lot. They are one of my fave Japanese band. I had very good time with them. Thanks a lot!

夕食は、長浜屋台、一心亭で。noodlesのみんなと、オープニングアクトのDim Dam Donkeyのメンバーと、スタッフのみなさんと歓談させてもらいました。

We had dinner at a Ramen restauran “Isshin Tei” with the members of noodles, the opening act Dim Dam Donkey and crew. I had very good time with them.


Ramen Rock! I love Kyushu style Tonkotsu Ramen.


I ordered “Kaedama” which is another portion of noodles for Ramen.


Good night! Elephant Pao Pao.

9月2日(土)岡山 Pepperland

Saturday, September 2nd, Pepperland, Okayama JAPAN

We had 2 shows in Okayama and Fukuoka, JAPAN on September 2nd and 3rd with a three piece all female band “noodles” who released their new album Metaltic Nocturne and our 712 Day Party tour of West Japan.

We left Osaka at 7:00am on Sept. 2nd and arrived at Okayama around noon including some rest. We had lunch at “Family Restaurant” diner close to the venue. There were many families with kids there because of it was Saturday.

9月2日と3日は、女性3人組バンドnoodles とのカップリングツアーで岡山と福岡でライブをしました。noodlesの新作Metaltic Nocturneのツアーおよび、我々の712 Day Partyの西日本編として。



I ordered fried chicken and vegetables with black vinegar sauce. Then we loaded in to the venue Pepperland.


Pepperland is a kind of “Oasis” of the Okayama rock scene. Great venue.


I used my custom made guitar of Fujigen Guitar company.


My effect pedals. I taped them for fixing the dial during shows.


Interesting art on the wall.

Opening act #1, Mirrorlakes

Opening act #2, aaps

ミラーレイクス、aaps が演奏の後、我々の出番。ライブには、日本各地から、ナイフキッズが集結してくれました。オーストラリア人のお客さんも居られました。見に来てくれた皆さんありがとう!

Opening acts were local bands Mirrorlakes and aaps. Then our turn. Many people from all over Japan and even some people were from Australia came to see us. Thanks a lot!!!


My new shirt is black and white stripes. It reminds me of a Japanese band 50 Kaitenz.


We went to Racco’s Burger for dinner after show.

オープニングアクトを務めて頂いた、ミラーレイクスさん、asps の皆さんと歓談のひと時。noodles は、夜の間に福岡へ移動との事で先に出発されました。おいしいバーガーをペロリと平らげて、宿に帰って就寝。

We had a great time with Mirrorlakes and aaps. noodles drove to Fukuoka right after show. I ate up the delicious burger and french fries quickly and went to bed.