From Naoko

22 February travel day from Naha, Okinawa to Osaka


We checked out the hotel and drove to Naha airport by the rent-a-car. It was sunny. I want to stay more in Okinawa!


I ate Udon noodles at a food court in the airport. Most of all shops were closing down. Udon was good.

空港にて。沖縄たのしかった!At the airport. I had a good time in Okinawa.

ピーチ航空で関空へ。ほぼ満席。Flight to Osaka-Kansai by Peach aviation. The flight was almost full.

窓際に座った。I seated by the window.

泉南。Sennan area Osaka

関空連絡橋が近づいてきた。Came near Kanku-Renraku Bridge.


We arrived at Osaka-Kansai airport and went home safely. The day after the arrival, I made “Fu champloo” by myself. Yum!


I really enjoyed our first Okinawa show. Thank you all!

21 February Koza, Okinawa Show


Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2021 第2日目


I had time until the departure time and walked around the hotel.


I went to a supermarket and bought Okinawa’s local cookies, brown sugar and “Fu”, dried bread-like pieces of wheat gluten. I will make Fu-champloo.


We rent a car and drove to the venue Koza Music Town Otoichiba. Cafe stands and some booths were now prepared to open.


受付。Ticket booth


There is an atrium. Downstairs is now under construction. Is it because of the state of emergency?


When we loaded in, these guys called out to me and one guy gave me his handmade guitar pedal. How cool! Thank you so much! Took a picture with them.

Shonen Knifeの文字入り! Painted “Shonen Knife” on it!


We went out for having lunch to the neighbors after put our luggage in the dressing room.


The streets around the venue looks like a town in the US somewhere.


The atmosphere of the town is exotic. I wished I had more spare time. I would like to walk around more. Many restaurants were closing down and there were not so much choice.


I chose Kebabu to go. People from US base, maybe, were eating out side seats. You can pay by US dollar, too. This chicken Kebabu costs 500yen but it was big and tasty.


Koza Music Town is a big building.


After having lunch at the dressing room, we did soundcheck. This picture of the floor is taken from the stage. I’m honored to play such a big beautiful music hall. The seats were setting up as “social distancing”.

Live pic by Atsushi


Then, show time! I was happy to see the audience directly. It’s a real LIVE. Thank you for coming to our show. This show was live streamed, too. Thank you for watching us in the cyber space!

20 February 2021 Naha, Okinawa show



Got up in the morning, I had a pastry from Seven-Eleven and a cup of instant coffee using boiled water from a kettle at the hotel room then went to the main venue “Sakurazaka Gekijo” and got a wrist band for performers. The decoration at the entrance was peaceful and cute.


Thanks to Teru Teru Bouz, wishing doll for good weather, it was sunny.

クラシックな店構え。伝統を感じます。Seeing classical style entrance, I feel that they might have a long history.


We went to our venue “Sakurazaka Central” and checked the stage.


Other than Sakurazaka Gekijo and Sakurazaka Central, this event was held at some places.. Kibogaoka Park is one of that venue. I walked around there.

ああ、さわやかなお天気。What a nice weather.


Hibiscus is flowering beautifully.


A cat was taking a nap in the sunny day.

商店街を散歩。Took a walk around a shopping area.


Upstairs of Makishi Market. “Doutonbori”?! It a place name of not Okinawa but Osaka.

いちびってみたり。Doing funny thing.



I wanted to eat hamburger for lunch and searched a shop on the map. It was delicious!


I walked around “Tsuboya Yamuchin Dori”. It is a street that many traditional pottery workshops there. Sidewalk was so cute.

雰囲気いいねぇ。Good atmosphere.


もっとゆっくり歩き回りたい。I wanted to walk around more.


After I went back to the hotel and got dressed, I came back to the venue “Sakurazaka Central” and had a show. It was the first live of 2021. I’ll do my best!!!


Live show is always very fun! I enjoyed so much. Thank you for coming to our show! There was a Japanese traditional program board on the side of the stage. It was fun.


After show, I rushed to a Izakaya restaurant because asked by the government, they shorten the business hours by COVID-19. Gyoza was so juicy and tasty.

海老もずく天。おいし~。Shrimp seaweed tempura. Sooooo good.



“Fu Champloo” I ate this first time and it was very tasty. Soaking pieces of whet bran in beaten eggs

19 February 2021 travel day from Osaka to Naha, Okinawa

2021年2月19日(金) 移動日、大阪から那覇へ。

沖縄県、那覇とコザで二日間にわたって行われる音楽イベント、「Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2021」に呼んでいただきました!那覇へはピーチ航空で。関空に来るのも飛行機に乗るのも約1年ぶり!2020年の3月1日にオーストラリアのパースで開かれたフェス、「Highway to Hell」の時以来です。飛行機、わくわくするね!

1 March 2020, Perth Festival, Highway to Hell

We were invited to a music festival “Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2021” which is held at Naha and Koza , Okinawa in two days. We took Peach Aviation to Naha from Osaka-Kansai airport. It is the first time to come to Kansai airport and take a flight mostly after a year! Last time was when we joined to Perth Festival, Australia “Highway to Hell” event. I was so excited for the flight!


Peach Aviation is departing from the terminal 2. Most of all stores at outside of the security gate were closed down other than a convenience store and a cafe. It was so sad.


I ate Salmon Tarako spaghetti for lunch at the cafe. It was well heated.


So sad to see closed stores.


I got through the security check and went to the gate. X stickers were on the seats for “social distancing” but no one was sitting there because it was so shiny. People were using other seats.

飛行機に乗り込みます。Now boarding!


The flight were almost packed. It may caused by reduction of flights but there were many people than I imagined. I was playing “Match 3” game of iPad during 2 hours 15 minutes flight and felt quickly arrived at Naha airport.

わーい、沖縄! Hello Okinawa!


We took a photo when arrived. Drums Risa, Guitar Naoko and Bass Naru for this tour.


Naha is convenient because it takes less than 30 minutes from the airport to downtown. We checked in a condominium style hotel and went to eat dinner. Most of all restaurants shorten business hours because of COVID-19. We had to rush!


We went to “Kokusai-dori Yataimura” which was recommended by a person at the hotel. Many bars are closing down. It was so sad.


Went to Okinawa local food bar. The master of the bar checked our body temperature. A person who can guess his or her body temperature could get one beer free as service. It was almost but I couldn’t guess. Risa could guess her body temperature and she got a mug of beer for free.

ピーナッツで作られたお豆腐のジーマーミ豆腐。 Peanuts Tofu.

リブ肉のグリル。下はフライドポテト。Grilled rib on french fries.

鶏のから揚げ。Karaage Chicken.


Yum, yum!Eating calmly and when we talk, we were wearing masks.


The master let us know about “Awamori” which is Okinawa’s liquor and we had very good time. We will ROCK tomorrow!!!

2020年10月9日、大阪・梅田クアトロ 四人編成バージョン

Live at Umeda Quattro, Osaka October 19th, 2020 – 4 piece version


I’ve finished to prepare for the show until yesterday. I got up in the morning and had breakfast. Then I made toasted sandwiches for lunch after I dressed. It contains ham, cheese and cabbage with mayo. Delicious.

photo by Tomoko Ota


Then I loaded in to Club Quattro, Umada in Osaka by car. Not only COVID-19 but we had typhoon and it was raining all day. People at the venue helped to load in. They are very kind and skilled.

photo by Tomoko Ota

今年、少年ナイフにとって3回目のライブは、90年代から私たちのライブでたびたびサウンドエンジニアを務めてくださっている、CLEAR SPOT奥成くん主催の「ライブ再開のためのトライアルイベント」です。

This show was booked by our soundman Hitoshi Okunari/Clear Spot which is a “trial event” for re-starting live shows supported by Japanese government. It became our third show of 2020.

photo by Tomoko Ota


Every audience have to wear face masks and stay on a seat which placed with enough distances. Crew and we also have to wear face masks except during the show.



We sat up the stage and did soundcheck. It was the first time for us to play as a 4 piece band after 5 years. I checked the placement of amplifiers and microphone stands. We had no chance to play since 1st of March this year at Perth Festival thus it was the first show after more than 7 months but once I went up on stage, I felt like I’ve been playing constantly. It must be similar that we never forget how to ride on a bicycle.


After soundcheck, we set the merch table. I made zip-up parkas in February and they sold out and re-ordered recently. We have XL. I said joke on the stage which was “I need to sleep on parka because I have too many stocks”.


I made glass beads key straps by myself for merch. I made these glass beads when I took a trial lesson for crafts class and put strap which I bought at ABC Craft which is like JO-ANN in the US. I sat my drawings of Amabie which is a kind of lucky charm of lay the plague. They sold out in no time. Thank you so much.


Then I went to underground shoppers in Umeda to eat early dinner. We have many nice underground shopping centers in Osaka. I am always feel happy to eat Kitsune-Udon before shows. Seasoned deep fried tofu tasted so good.


Today’s acts are Himitsu-no Koudou, Oshiripenpenz and Buddhadatta. All bands are unique and cool. Oshiripenpenz were on the monitor at the dressing room.


Now 9:30 pm. Our show time.

photo by Tomoko Ota

ステージに登場!ここからのライブ写真は、太田智子さん撮影。いつも素晴らしい写真を撮ってもらっています。We went up to the stage! Live pictures were taken by Tomoko Ota. She always takes great pictures for us.

photo by Tomoko Ota

photo by Tomoko Ota

photo by Tomoko Ota

photo by Tomoko Ota

photo by Tomoko Ota

photo by Tomoko Ota

photo by Tomoko Ota

photo by Tomoko Ota

photo by Tomoko Ota

photo by Tomoko Ota


I thank to fantastic audience They kept staying on their seats and wearing masks. Thank you for coming in spite of COVID-19 and Typhoon. I was really happy to play in front of audience.

photo by Tomoko Ota

left to right   Risa (drums) , Naru (Bass), Naoko (Vocal, Guitar), Ritsuko (Guitar)

ライブを終えて楽屋に戻ってほっとしたところをパチリ。4人編成ツインギター、とてもロックなステージができたと思います。特にアルバム、fun! fun! fun!に収録の曲「Flu」では、ツインリードでハモリました。

All of us got happy after show and took a picture. I believe that we could play very ROCK show with twin guitar. Especially at our song “Flu” which included in an album “fun! fun! fun!”, Ritsuko and I played harmonies by guitar solo.


I took a picture with Oshiripenpenz. They improved more since we played with them last time. They did great job.


On the way home, I stopped by a supermarket which mostly closing and bought Belgian beer and cheese. I enjoyed them at home. Beer and cheese were so good. I had chocolate, kibidango-mochi and cookie for dessert. Yum. I really feel that I like show. I hope everything get back to normal and we can go on tours as soon as possible. Stay safe everyone. There are many inconvenience but let’s have fun!