From Naoko

Friday, February 23rd Umeda Shangri-La, Osaka

2月23日(金)大阪・梅田 Shangri-La


I had curry and rice which I made the day before at home then went to the venue.


Driving through Higobashi area. I love modern tall buildings.


Arrived at the venue Shangri-La. I saw Umeda Sky building which has ”Sky Garden”. I love this, too.


The entrance of Shangri-La.


It reminds me of South California with palm trees at the exterior of the venue.

本日のイベントタイトル「Out of Time Rock!」が美しく描かれた看板。

The event title “Out of time rock!” was written with beautiful lettering on the sign board.


There were beautiful chandeliers in the venue.


Did sound check.


Risa was looking the sound check of the 50 Kaitenz.

なるちゃん、りさちゃん。 注)漫才コンビではありません。

Naru and Risa.

わたしのアンプヘッド、Taurus stomp head。いつも重宝してます。

My amp head, Taurus stomp head is always so cool and useful.


We had early dinner at a restaurant near by after sound check. I had mackerel boiled in miso and brown rice. So yum!


Then show time! Everybody was ROCKing!


Yay, yay, yay!


Pyramid Power!




Antonio Baka Guy!

We played our best hit songs for the set list.

Thank you for coming to the show! What a great night!!

そして、50回転ズのライブ、盛り上がってます!50回転ズは、少年ナイフのアルバム「Free Time」にバックボーカルで参加してくれています。とにかく、楽しくてゴキゲンなバンド。大好き!マッシュルームカットがお似合いです。

The stage of `50 Kaitenz’. They joined our album ‘Free Time’ for backing vocal. Their show is always  happy and fun. I love that. Mushroom cut suites them.

50回転ズ、おとぼけビ~バ~、Xero Fiction,出演者全員で写真を撮りました。みんなゴキゲンだね。

Took a picture with 50 Kaitenz, Otoboke Beaver and Xero Fiction. Everyone seemed happy.


With Otoboke Beaver at ladie’s dressing room. Fun!

なるちゃんと。 注) 漫才コンビではありません。

With Naru

2月12日(月・祝) Naoko solo at Bears, Osaka

Monday, February 12th 2018 Naoko Solo at Namba Bears, Osaka Japan

It was my 2nd time to play as a solo performance and the first time after 10 years!!!!!



This is the music club BEARS which is a mecca for the underground rock scene of Osaka.

ベアーズは、地下1階にあります。It’s in a basement.


I found a flyer of our January 21st 1995 show. We had flea market show here. 23 years have passed since this show but we still do the similar thing. Hee-hee. Oh, but we did 2 shows in one day. The flyer said “we’ll play the different set”.

そして、ホワイトボードには、本日のイベントの案内が書かれています。バレンタインズ企画「バレンタインはマックスハートvol. 5 ~デリケートボーイとgo go ヘブン!~」という長いタイトルです。さて、どんな楽しいイベントになるのでしょう!!

The event information was on the white board. The Valentines produced this event. 4 bands and I played. Seems a fun event, right?


There was another flyer of Shonen Knife on the wall. It was for our one-man show on April 1st, 2017. Thank you for putting our flyer!



After sound check, I had dinner at a restaurant in the neighbor shopping mall “Namba Parks”. Minced beef soboro on top of rice was so delicious!

Then show time had came after dinner.


I’ve been so nervous because it was the first show after 10 years. I went to a rehearsal studio 4 times but my heart was pit-pat on the day. I was so busy and restless in these few weeks because I had influenza on the last week of January and I had Shonen Knife show in Tokyo 2 days before this solo performance. Once the show was started, I could enjoy a lot and the audience seemed very happy to see my show. Thank you for coming to my solo show!


Three women’s band “Hakuba” played at this event. I love this band’s lo-fi taste a lot. Their music is so cute.

そして、このライブを企画してくれたバレンタインズ。去年の712 Day Partyの大阪に出てもらった朋友バンドです。ポップでとてもかわいい!

The Valentines who produced this event. They opened up for our 712 Day Party show in Osaka last year. They are cute and pop.


Took a picture with the members of “Hakuba”.



With The Valentines. Thank you for giving me a good opportunity to play as a solo.

Thanks the bands, Chitts and SK8NIKS, too.

ありがとう! Thanks a lot!

春ですね。Spring has come.



Our drummer Risa came to the show. She drew a picture report of the show. The character of me looks so cute. Much better than me. Thanks a lot!

I had very good time. I would like to play solo show again if I have a chance.


2月10日(土)東京、高円寺UFO CLUB

Saturday, February 10th, Koenig UFO CLUB Tokyo


We rehearsed at a studio on 9th one day before the show. After that, Naru, Risa and our manager drove to Tokyo. I took Shinkansen the bullet train on 10th from Osaka to Tokyo because of my private business.


It was my first time to take Shinkansen after very long time. Shin-Osaka station was so crowded. There was a long queue in front of bento, lunch box, shop. I wasn’t hungry and bought rice balls and almond chocolate for safety.



Matt who is a Japanese TV talent and a son of a famous baseball player was on a big sign. So unique guy.

Then I got into the train which I reserved the seat.


I saw many sightseeing people from overseas who have big suitcases in the train. I wish there were a space for suits case in the train like Nankai railways airport express “Raptor”.


From the window. I saw snowing scenery around Maibara.


A guy who was sitting on an isle seat put a giant suits case in front of him and reclining the seat maximumly. I was thinking that the guy sitting on the window seat couldn’t get out. I don’t like the window seat because I want to move freely. Anyway in my case, I always sit deeply on a seat without falling down the back seat so much. I never had a backache if I did so in a train and airplane.


Picture and text unrelated


I bought a cup of coffee in the train and drank it slowly then arrived at Tokyo. I changed the train at Tokyo station and got metro of Marunouchi Line. I had to take it via Ogikubo but mine was stopped at Shinjuku Station. I had to get off the train and wait for the next one at Shinjuku.

東高円寺駅で下車して徒歩約5分、無事会場のUFO CLUB 入り。程なく車組も到着してセッティング及びサウンドチェック。UFO CLUBは初めての出演。お店の人が親切で音も良くて演奏しやすい。

I got off at Higashi-Koenji station. Five minutes walk took me to the venue UFO CLUB. Our driving party, Naru, Risa and our manager arrived shortly and we did sound check. It was our first time to play there. Staff at the venue were kind and the sound was good.

UFO CLUB は、このビルの地下です。

UFO CLUB is the basement of this building.


Tokyo has snowing.




Inside of the venue.


The co-headliner Otogivanashi was doing sound check.



We went to have dinner to a Japanese restaurant after sound check. I ordered “Sticky Udon Noodles “. We can eat raw eggs in Japan. Toppings were Natto, Okra, and yam. Yum yum!



We took a picture with our crew “Team Papa Lion”. Thanks always!

This show was sold out. Thank you so much for coming!!

アンコールにはおとぎ話の皆さんとジャムセッション。バナナチップスとJourney のカバー Don’t stop believing を演奏しました。Don’t stop〜は、12月のライブでは、イヌガヨの皆さんともセッションしたけど、演奏者が変わるとまた違って面白い。

We did jam session with Otogivanashi and played Banana Chips and Don’t Stop Believing of Journey. We played the song with Inugayo in December last year. It was interesting that the sound was changed by players.

December 22, Fandango, Osaka

前回のブログ。The link of my blog of December 22nd.



At the last of our show.

Pic by my friend Hiroko.


Pic by Kuniyoshi Taikou

ライブは無事終了。おとぎ話の皆さんと記念撮影。おとぎ話との2マンライブは、2007年12月21日(金)の名古屋UP SET以来なんと10年ぶり2回目。その間、福岡で同じイベントに出てたみたいだけど、はっきりした印象が残ってない。10年一日だなぁ。ともあれ、こんなにステキなバンドと、また、一緒にライブ出来て大変嬉しかった!

Our show finished safely and we took a picture with members of Otogivanashi.

It was the second time to play with them. The first time was at UP SET in Nagoya on December 21st, 2007. Someone said that we played at the same event in Fukuoka but I don’t remember. Time flies! I was happy to play with such a wonderful band.


Pic by Kuniyoshi Taikou


On the way to our accommodation. Driving through glaring neon signs of Shinjuku.

2月11日(日) 東京から大阪へ。

Sunday, February 11th From Tokyo to Psaka.


Always under construction, the town Tokyo.


My. Fuji from the car window. It’s a big mountain. I saw much snow on the top.


We took a break and had lunch at this service area.


I ate pork cutlet don. Pork cutlet and scrambled eggs on steamed rice.


Seeing big roller coasters at Nagashima Spa Land from Ise Wangan Highway, we drove to Osaka.


I had dip style Ramen and beer in Osaka and relaxed. Our Tokyo tour went very well and safely. Thanks everyone!

December 22, Fandango, Osaka

少年ナイフ、2017年の締めくくり、且つ1210回目のライブは、12月22日(金) 大阪、十三ファンダンゴにて。前回が10月29日、東京だったので、ライブするのは2ヶ月ぶり。我がホームタウン大阪でのライブは、712 Day Partyの7月15日以来、なんと5ヶ月ぶり!びっくりするわ。時のたつのは早い。

The last show of 2017 was held at Juso – Fandango, Osaka on Friday, December 22nd. It became our 1210th show and was the first show after 2 months since October 29th in Tokyo. We came back to play in my home town Osaka after 5 months! Time flies!



I had boiled baby anchovies bowl, Natto ’fermented soy beans’ and miso soup for lunch at home and went to the venue, Fandango.


I didn’t play here long time.


It was co-head lining show with a three piece boys band INUGAYO.


We did sound check. There were video crews for live shooting. We’ll release live album and DVD soon of this show.


We had various hand made merch.


Today’s special, my hand drawing snare head.


Painted pot but you can’t wash forever because it might come off.


Ginger men which we use for 1996 show as stage decoration.


After sound check and set the merch table, each one went to have food. I had Tempura Udon noodles. Yum!


The first act was INUGAYO. They are enthusiastic cool band. The audience were excited.


Atsuko made the new stage costumes. it’s Stripe Dress. Atsuko’s is blue and black, Risa’s is yellow and black and mine is red and black. I love this new one. They are photogenic.


Our show time had came. I could have a good time with our bassist Atsuko who came back from Los Angeles for this show and Risa. Thank you for coming and your support!

ライブセットの中程、りっこちゃん、なるちゃんにも参加してもらって、Nick Loweのカバー曲Cruel to be kindも演奏しました。Nick Loweは大好きで、80年代の終わり頃、エルビスコステロとのツーマンで来日した時は、会場の外で出待ちまでしたことがあります。


Joining Ritsuko and Naru, we played a cover song of Nick Lowe ‘Cruel to be Kind’ in the middle of our set. I like Nick Lowe’s music a lot. I was waiting at the exit to get his autograph after show when I went to see Nick Lowe show in late 80’s in Osaka. He opened for Elvis Costello.

It was very hard for me to memorize the lyrics because the words were difficult. It took very long time to memorize.


この日のサプライズ。アンコールには、イヌガヨのみんな、りっこちゃん、なるちゃんと一緒にJourney のカバー、Don’t stop believingを演奏しました。この曲、カラオケで時々歌います。Cruel to be kind と比べたら、歌詞はわりかし覚えやすい方かなと思います。

(This picture is at sound check.)

We did jam session with INUGAYO, Ritsuko and Naru and played Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. I like to sing this song at KARAOKE. Compared with ‘Cruel to be Kind’, this lyrics were rather easy to memorize, anyway.

Don’t stop believing をスタジオで「陰練」した時の写真。みんなロックンロールTシャツ着てます。

This picture was taken when we rehearsed ‘Don’t stop Believing’ at the studio. Everyone wore Rock’n’roll T-shirt.


After show, we took a picture with INUGAYO. From left to right: Drummer, Drummer, Guitarist, Guitarist, Bassist and Bassist. Everybody did a good job!


My hand drawing flyers. Sausage and curry were served specially for this show.


I had a little bit of alcohol with Teriyaki Unagi at home. I was very nervous for live recording and video shooting but the show was finished safely. I saw many audience who came from far away cities and countries. Thank you so much for coming!! It was 4 days after my birthday and many people congratulated me. Thank goodness!

江古田音楽祭 Ekoda Music Festival October 29, 2017

2017年10月29日(日)東京、江古田音楽祭 at 武蔵大学 大講堂

Sunday, October 29th 2017 Ekoda Music Festival at Musashi University Auditorium.


The afternoon of Saturday 28th, we left rainy Osaka by car. Typhoon was approaching to Japan. Members of the band for this show was Naru, Risa and me. We drove a few hours and stopped at a rest area to have dinner. Japanese rest area is called “Service Area” which has high quality food court, fantastic gift shop and big clean restrooms. It’s like a wonderland. Anyway, everyone was looking for good food to eat for dinner and Naru gave me an information that steamed bento box was doing a half-off sale. I went to see it. Yeah, every bento box was half price. I’m sure that the shop would like to close earlier because of Typhoon. They sell various kind of steamed bento box. When people request to make bento warm, they warm up it by steam machine. I brought the warm eel bento to the table and opened the bento box. Wow, there was a pickled calabash! I was surprised that calabash was edible.


We arrived to Tokyo after 7 hours drive from Osaka safely. Then we went to bed.


We went to today’s venue Musashi University Auditorium around 10:00am on Sunday 29th.



It was raining hard caused by Typhoon.

We arrived at Musashi University Auditorium. It was a beautiful retro building. Shonen Knife was invited 22 years ago here for the campus festival. I feel something a turn of fate.

入り口。The entrance

創立者像。The statue of the founder.

内部。きれい。Inside of the auditorium. Beautiful.


When we arrived, a front band was sound checking. They are an OB band of the University and played cover songs of 70’s rock. Skillful playing.


Our sound check was started. Naru with Ricky bass.

And Risa. It was so helpful that most of all equipments were set when we play in Japan.



After sound check, we went to have lunch. I had crab spaghetti and salad.


We had tons of time until show time and we went back to have a rest. I saw street cars which is an only street car in Tokyo called “Toden”.


We went back to the venue again and changed into stage costumes. Our dressing room was a schoolroom. I pretended like a school teacher. Teacher of Rock’n’roll High School or School of Rock?!

Then showtime! It wasn’t standing place but set seats but all audience were so cheerful and friendly. They looked enjoy our show. I was so happy. The audience might be relaxed on seats than standing?! I prefer sitting better than standing if I was an audience, might be.



I usually don’t have rain when I go out. In spite of rain, we could play in front of many friendly audience and at a beautiful auditorium, I could spend a fantastic day. Thank you for coming to our show and I thank to stuff who worked for Ekoda Music Festival. I hope this festival will continue successfully.