From Naoko

September 18 Day Off, San Antonio


It was a day off today. We usually don’t have whole day off because we have long drive even we don’t have a show. I didn’t set alarm clock but wake up around 6 am and tried to have more long sleep but wake up at 8 am again. I went to the dining to get some food for breakfast. French bread which I bought it at a supermarket yesterday. I cut an apple from catering at a venue few days ago. I got full without eating yogurt. I put it in a refrigerator.


I did some work until noon and went to a shopping mall with Miyoko and Atsuko. Risa preferred to stay in a room.


I saw cactus at the sidewalk. Very much like Texas.


Here is an outside mall. It was 32℃ and so hot and humid.


A fun store. “Don’t talk to strangers?!” Is stranger a spaceman?

モール内の創作中華アジア料理店、P. F. Chung’sへ。あつこと美代子さんは、天丼。天丼と言っても、ご飯の部分は焼き飯で、天ぷら大量にのっててボリューム満点。私はタイココナツカレーのラーメンをオーダー。かなり創作的。鶏肉入り。タイカレーとラーメンの取り合わせ、なかなかおいしかったです。


We went to a Chinese Asian restaurant, P. F. Chung’s in the mall. Atsuko and Miyoko ordered Ten-don. It’s different from Japanese Ten-don. The rice was fried rice and so much Tempura on it. Japanese Ten-don uses steamed rice. I ordered Thai coconut curry ramen. It’s a very creative menu. Chicken in it. The harmony of Thai curry and Ramen was good.

I got Tempura from Miyoko and put them in a box to go.


Atsuko and I walked very much and got tired. We took a rest at a Starbucks in a book store. I had maple pecan latte. So sweet.


There was a cute cosmetic store. They deals Japanese cosmetics and sweets. We finally walked around the mall for 5 hours. I had more than 10000 steps. I should walk sometimes because always travel in a car.


I did some work after came back to the hotel room and made dinner. I made tempura sauce which is mixed fish soup, soy sauce and sugar and pour hot water.


I made steamed rice using microwave rice cooker. I topped some Tempura from Miyoko on steamed rice and pour Tempura sauce on it. Adding some Nori seaweed and ate. So yummy! Writing blogs and took a shower then good night.

Tomorrow, San Antonio show!

September 17 Day Off, Austin ~ San Antonio


May 19, Barracuda, Austin TX

ここは、去年オースチンで、ライブ前に入ったラーメン屋さん、Daruma Ramenの姉妹店です。日本語のお米以外に、コメは、スペイン語だと食べるという意味だとジェイクとジョンが言ってた。なかなか深い。

We checked out the hotel at noon and drove to a Japanese restaurant in Austin, komé. This is a sister restaurant of Daruma Ramen which we had lunch last year.

komé means rice in Japanese. Jake and John said that komé means ‘eat’. It’s interesting.


A person at the restaurant is a fan of Shonen Knife and we were served sushi for free. Thanks a lot! It was delicious.


I ordered Tempura Zaru Udon. It was very tasty!


Took a pic. Atsuko ordered cold ramen. Others had Katsu-don!!!


After delicious komé, we went to another sister cafe, Sa-Tén. It means coffee shop in Japanese.

抹茶ラテを買いました。I bought Matcha latte.


After that, we drove to a Korean supermarket, H-mart.


I bought one baguette and a pastry.


They sold Hello Kitty’s toilet rolls.


We drove to Austin to San Antonio. Map said that it would take an hour and a half but actually it took almost 3 hours. Pic is downtown of San Antonio.


Right after we dropped off our luggage at the hotel and drove to a coin laundry. I couldn’t bear to keep dirty clothes any more. It was Monday night but many people came to the laundry. It is too much work using cars and to do laundry.


It took 30 minutes each for wash and dry. I paired $1.25 each. It was cheaper than coin laundries in hotels.


It got dark outside after washed clothes and went out.

お腹が空いていたので、近隣のWhata Burger へ。テキサスのハンバーガーチェーンです。

We went to Whata Burger near by because got hungry. It is a hamburger chain in Texas.


Atsuko and I ordered one chicken salad and a pack of onion rings to go.



We shared them at the hotel room. I served it on a paper tray. Added French bread from H-Mart. Even half portion, it was enough and yum. Then went to bed.

September 16 3Ten Austin City Limits Live, Austin, TX


I had instant coffee and Greek Yogurt from the supermarket yesterday for breakfast.


We left the hotel at 10:30. At a gas station. Poor crocodile.


At the next gas station.


You can put sausage in a bun by yourself and add ketchup and mustard then pay the fee the cashier.


Jake would eat 2 hot dogs.


We went to Cane’s for lunch. It is a fast food of chicken.


I ordered chicken sandwich. It was too big for me and I couldn’t eat everything but chicken and lettuce.

そして、会場へ。こちらが、3Ten Austin City Limits Liveです。

Then we went to the venue. This is 3Ten Austin City Limits Live.

The AlarmもSloanも来てたんだ。

The Alarm and Sloan played here.

モダンなビルです。Modern building.


The screen on the back is great!


Autographed special local poster designed by Miyoko is limited edition of 15 pieces.


We autographed on post cards which will be added on Kazoo.


We once went to the hotel after sound check.

市街地の方。Down town.

雲がきれいだった。Beautiful cloud.


Then we came back to the venue and went out to look for food. Stature of Willie Nelson.

ウイリーネルソン通りやて。Willie Nelson BLVD.


Atsuko and Risa bought Sushi but I had pastry and coffee.


The support band of the day was Ringo Deathstarr. We played together in Osaka a few years ago. They are very good band.

Live pic by Miyoko


We ROCKed very much in front of the great electric screen of the beautiful venue. Thank you for coming to our show!


I was happy to see Ringo Deathstarr again. Pic with Elliott.



Peelander Yellow and Pink came to see us. I was happy to talk with them after a long time.

I heard that Kolar’s who supported us at our UK tour this spring had a show in Austin on the same night but I had no time to see them. See them sometime again

September 15 Dan’s Silverleaf, Denton, TX


I had French Toast, Coffee and Yogurt from the hotel dining for breakfast.


We left the hotel at 11am. They sell tons of boiled eggs at a gas station on the way. Who can eat so many eggs at once?! 5 eggs?!


Topping for serve yourself to yogurt. What a color!


Cute truck was parking.


Close to the gas station. I often saw this kind of air doll advertisement in the US. I like this because of it’s kitch.


We had rest at another gas station.


They look very American souvenir at gas station for me.

ボトルだけ売ってる。ジェイクがビール入れとくねんって言うてたけど。Open Container Lawsつまり、口の開いた酒類を持ってたら罰せられる法律があるからかな?

They sell big bottles. Jake. said that it’s a beer container. Is it because of Open Container Laws?


They sell cooler boxes, too. I understand these are necessary for driving in the US. Because it’s so huge.


American scenery…


It was raining.


We went to eat very late lunch after we dropped our luggage at the hotel. Our crew drove to the venue for line check. I saw rainbow.


Miyoko took a picture of us from the van off to the venue when we were taking a picture of the rainbow.

ご飯はApplebee’s へ。

We went to Applebee’s.


Atsuko and Risa had beef steak!


I had penne with grilled chicken. It was good and I ate everything except deep fried bread.


We went to a supermarket after very late lunch.




What a color!

夜10時に会場へ。こちら会場のDan’s Silverleaf。

We off to the venue at 10pm. This is Dan’s Silverleaf.


This picture was taken by Miyoko in the daylight.


At the dressing room. There was a scary head.

フロントアクトのMind Spidersが演奏中。たくさんお客さん


The front act, Mind Spiders were playing. There were many audience.

Live pic by Miyoko


The show was packed and so hot!!! Thank you for coming to our first Denton, TX show!

ライブの後。 After show.

ビール格別。Yum beer.

電光掲示板になっているメガネをかけてライブ中応援してくださったお客さん。SHONEN KNIFE ROCKS!と、メッセージが表示されてた。ありがとう。

A lady wore an electric sign glasses which has a message SHONEN KNIFE ROCKS!. Thanks a lot!

最初の方のサポートバンド、Hey Cowboyのみんなと撮影。かわいい!!!

We took a picture with the first support band, Hey Cowboy. They are so cute!!!

September 14 Stickyz Rock’n’roll Chicken Shack, Little Rock, AR


We checked out at 10:30. Driving through a huge land.


At a gas station on the way. The sense of the selling items are different from Japanese ones.


Jake bought a corn dog. Looks yummy.


It seems that cutting through rock mountains, this road was made.


What is this?


We had lunch at a fast Mexican on the way.


I bought 3 Tacos of pulled pork. I wish I could buy 1 Taco. But actually I ate 3 Tacos at once. My stomach became big.


Driving through the area like this, we arrived at a hotel in Little Rock after almost 7 hours drive.


Everybody drop their bags off and our crew went to the venue for line check. The band stayed at the hotel and had rest. We had no microwave at our room. I went down to the dining and boiled pasta. I mixed fish soup with it and made Japanese taste spaghetti.


John picked us up to the hotel and drove to the venue. This is the entrance of the venue. Miyoko took this picture for us because we had no time to take pictures of the venue.

会場のポスター。Poster at the venue.


A banner on the wall of the stage.

会場内部 inside of the venue.

今日の二つ目のサポートバンド、Spirit Conzが演奏中。

The second support band, Spirit Contz is on stage.


Today’s local special poster.


August 18th, Little Rock AR

A drawing on the toilet wall. I took this picture when I came here in 2012.

Live Photos by Miyoko


Then show time came. It was Friday night. The audience was not so loud at the beginning. But a few songs later, they got energetic and hyper. Thank you so much! After the first encore, the audience roared for the 2nd encore. We played the 2nd one


We took a picture with a person who wore punk rock clothes. Thank you everyone!


After show, we were served dinner to go at the venue. I ordered Quesadillas. It include chicken, green pepper, cheese and so on. It was so delicious. I ate full just before went to bed. I must be a little dangerous for my diet?!