From Naoko

February 23, 2020 Kyoto UrBanguild


February 23rd, 2020 at Kyoto UrBanguild.





This was our first show of 2020 at Kyoto UrBanguild.

I made Zip up Parka as Shonen Knife merchandise first time after over 10 years for this show. It’s can be a useful clothes for spring season.


I made my new picks. Using illustration of my guitar, I designed them.


We left Osaka around noon. After we arrived at Kyoto, we had lunch.


I ate crab and Ikura cream spaghetti. It was good.



Load in. It was the 2nd time to play at UrBanguild.


The venue is on the 3rd floor of this retro building.

今日のゲストバンドは、女の子4人組The Tomboys。サウンドチェック中。

Today’s guest act is all girl band The Tomboys. They are doing soundcheck.


Ritsuko helped our merch table. Thanks!

いよいよ本番。まずは、The Tomboys。キュートで元気な演奏をしてくれました。ありがとう。

It’s show time! The Tomboys played well with cheerful cuteness. Thanks!

そして、少年ナイフの出番。日本各地からお客さんがたくさん来てくださいました。この日のスペシャルメニューとしては、AC/DCのカバーを4曲演奏したことです。3月1日にオーストラリアのパースで行われるイベントで、この4曲を演奏するので、日本のお客さんにも是非聴いていただきたいということで。その4曲は、Highway to Hell, Touch too much, Rock’n’roll Singer, Who made whoです。

And our turn! Many audience from all over Japan came to see us. The special songs for this show were AC/DC covers. We played these 4 songs “Highway to Hell, Touch too much, Rock’n’roll Singer, Who made who”. We are scheduled to play at Perth Festival “Highway to Hell” event in Australia on March 1st. It is a tribute event for Bon Scott and AC/DC and we planed to play these songs.


Tomoko Ota took these live pictures. She always takes great shots for us.










We did autograph session after show. There was a gap on the floor and two people lost their footing in the dark at the venue. Sorry about that. We’d like to keep safe next time. Anyway, I was happy to talk with the audience.

The Tomboysと記念撮影。みなさん、お疲れさま!

Took a picture with The Tomboys. Thanks for joining.



By the way, COVID-19 was happening from the end of January in Japan. I couldn’t imagine it became so serious like present situation at that time. (I’m writing this blog in the middle of March.) Many events like music and sports are cancelled in these days. It was a miracle to have this show.

Thank you for coming to the show!


On the way back, we dropped at a Ramen restaurant close to the entrance of highway in Kyoto.

Ramen Rock!



I ‘m full and my stomach shaped like a racoon like this.



2020, new year.

I made Osechi, the Japanese new year’s dishes. Some are vacuum packed ready to eat foods for new year’s dishes and some are made by myself. We can buy various convenient long life foods at supermarkets. 令和 Reiwa fish cake was tasty. My favorite is Datemaki, sweet rolled omelet.


We usually eat Osechi and Zouni in Japan at new year’s holiday. Each district has their local style Zouni soup. I’m living in Osaka-Kansai area which local Zouni soup has white miso and round shape mochi rice cake. I used toasted square shaped mochi for this.


I went to Matsunoo Taisha in Kyoto. I’ve heard that it’s a god of liquor.

えらい人や。(人が多い)There were so many people.


Mountains are close.


I saw many street stalls.



Plum? Peach? Anyway, this was flowering by warm weather.


This year is Mouse by Japanese zodiac. Mouse? Rat?


Sake, Sake and Sake! As the offering.


And Sake, Sake and Sake!


Information of Shonen Knife show in Kyoto February 23rd 2020

There was a place to make fire. A person who knows me talked to me and took a picture together. He said that he would like to come to our show. Thanks!


I had Masu Sake. Sake served in a wooden cup. This is a kind of measure cup of 180ml. Yum, yum with fresh wooden scent.

石碑。Stone monument.







清め水。Water place.


Tengu face rock.You can find Tengu’s face shape rock somewhere.








I got this with Sake. Dried squid and a cute candy.











I tried “Taru-uranai”. I shoot arrows to inside of a small barrel. When the arrow hit the very center, it is excellent good fortune. My arrow hit center but not the very center and I got this lucky charm.


When I came to Matsuo Taisha 2 years ago first time, my arrow hit the very center and I got this excellent good fortune charm. It may be a beginner’s luck.


The second day of the new year, I went to a bargain sale. Japanese clothing stores usually start bargain sale from 2nd of January. I dropped at a Japanese style sweets cafe and I ate this sweet red beans mochi ice cream. Yum, yum, yum.

お正月3が日の空き時間はだいたいクラシックゲームをしてました。ファミコンも少しやったけど、主に初代Play Stationで、「Break Thru!」という落ちものゲームばっかりしてました。アルバムLet’s Knifeのレコーディング時の合間に、マニピュレーターの方のMacで、Columnsで遊ばせてもらって以来ずっと落ちゲーにハマってます。今はiPadでCradle of Empiresというゲームが好き。

I was playing classic video games for the spare time of new year’s holidays. I played Fami-Con, too but I mainly played a match 3 game “Break Thru!” of Play Station. I love match 3 games since I first played “Columns” with our manipulator’s Macintosh computer at a spare time when we recorded Let’s Knife album at a studio. Now I’m playing “Cradle of Empires” using my iPad.








When I cleared, the stage changes like from London to San Francisco.


I went to Sumiyoshi-Taisha on the 3rd of January and pulled “Bad Luck” fortune. Yikes!


I went to Imamiya Ebisu. This shrine has been familiar with people, calling it “Ebessan” where gods of business prosperity. Japanese promotor-booking agent U-DO which invited KISS donated lanterns of KISS and Bob Dylan.









人がいっぱい。So many people.


Fortune slip at Imamiya Ebisu I pulled was “so so” luck.

Yellow Machinegun 忘年会

Late December 2019

I joined Yellow Machinegun’s Bonenkai which is a party at the end of the year. It was held at a steak and hamburger restaurant called THE BUTCHER in Namba, Osaka. They serve good hamburgers.

2019年の暮れ、イエローマシンガンのみなさんの忘年会に参加させてもらいました。今回2年目。たいへんおいしいハンバーガーをはじめとするアメリカンなお料理のお店、難波のTHE BUTCHERにて。おいしい。おいしい。


Three members of Yellow Machinegun, Yoshié from Otoboke Beaver, Ritsuko and I as Shonen Knife got together. All three bands are all women’s bands.



Kawori the bassist of Yellow Machinegun didn’t in this photo, though. I love female rock musicians a lot. We talked very much but it was never enough.


Additional. After a few days later of the party, I made Soba noodles for the new year’s eve. I topped ground Japanese yam. We have a custom to eat Soba noodles at night of new year’s eve.

KISS End of the Road 2019 Japan Tour Osaka



Tuesday, December 17th 2019

I went to see KISS to Kyocera-Dome Osaka. It was the final tour to Japan. I love KISS a lot. They are my first favorite rock band of my life. Their stage costumes, stage settings, performance are of course great and I really love their music. Their shows are always very fun. They are splendid because they always make people entertain. My friend and I joined to the queue of the merch at 12:30. After 40min, I could buy their rock’n’roll T-shirts.


There were banners.

I wanted to buy everything, though.




Took a picture for my souvenir.

小雨が降ってた。It was a little raining.

Eric Singer’s autographed drum head was sold.



Wow, it’s a long tour.

Gene Simmons

Paul Stanley

And Eric and Tommy. KISS


After we bought their merch, we went to eat Indian curry in a shopping mall close to Kyocera-Dome.


After late lunch we had a cup of coffee, got relaxed and went back to the venue at 17:30.


Took a picture with a scarf towel which my friend bought. This picture was taken by her. She is a person who went to KISS’s first Japan tour with me. Being a friend for a long time.


When I was sitting on a seat at the stand, a guy found that I was a member of Shonen Knife. We took a picture together.


楽しい、楽しい。Fun, fun, fun!

楽しい、楽しい。Fun, fun, fun!

楽しい、楽しい。Fun, fun, fun!

アンコールにはX JAPANのYoshikiが登場、ピアノ弾いてドラム叩いて、してはりました。おもしろかった。

Yoshiki from X JAPAN appeared on the stage at the encore and played the piano and the drums. Fun!


The show was finished. I miss KISS show. This is their last tour of Japan but their music is eternity.

Space Adventure 2019 大阪編 堺ファンダンゴ



Saturday, 14th December 2019

Shonen Knife’s annual winter tour Space Adventure was held at Fandango which was moved from Juso to Sakai, Osaka.

外観。芸術的。Outside of the venue. Artistic.

Entrance. 入口

中入ったらこんな壁画が。Painted on the wall in the venue.


This door was carried from Juso and sat at the new venue.


Otoboke Beaver who is a guest band for our Space Adventure 2019 Osaka is doing soundcheck.

Space Adventure 219大阪編のゲストバンド、おとぼけビ~バ~がサウンドチェック中。


グッズコーナー設営した。Setting the merch table.


I went to Sakai Station of Nankai Railway which is the closest station of the venue to have dinner. There was a sign of the venue on the way to Sakai Station.


Arrived at Sakai Station in a few minutes walk. There was a monument.

クリスマス時期なのよね。It was Christmas season.

駅の商業施設、Plat Platに入った。

I entered into a station mall Plat Plat.



I found a Santa Clause. He came from Finland, doesn’t he?


I ordered steamed vegetables and shrimps mayo set. It was so yummy!!!

なるちゃんと二人で食べたよ。I ate dinner with Naru.

おとぼけちゃんのライブ。Otoboke were playing.


Ritsuko helped our merch table as a merch girl.


And our turn. A photographer Tomoko Ota took our pictures. She takes great photos.


Many people from all over Japan and all over the world came to see us. Thanks a lot!!! We took pictures with Otoboke after show. Thank you everyone!


I got beautiful roses.


Got a cute drawing. Thank you for coming and thank you for everything!

Space Adventure 2019東京と大阪、大盛況のうちに無事終了しました。ありがとうさん!

Space Adventure 2019 Tokyo and Osaka finished successfully and safely. Thanks a lot!