From Naoko

October 1 Travel Day Seattle ~ SAN Francisco


We left the hotel at 11am and dropped off the van at Tacoma airport and took a flight to San Francisco. Risa chose driving and our crew and she drove to San Francisco.


Object at the airport.


No food would be served during the flight. I bought a sandwich at the airport. Our flight was delayed an hour.


I ate a rice ball in the airplane.


Checked in the hotel in the late afternoon. Then Atsuko and I went to to Denny’s in the neighbors to eat dinner by walk.



夜9時ごろにはもうベッドで爆睡。夜中1時に目が覚めて、5時すぎまで寝つかれなくて iPadでCradle of Empiresっていう落ち物ゲームをずーっとして、その後、翌朝10時ぐらいまで寝ていました。分割睡眠ですな。


I ordered baked tilapia. I ate most of all. I could eat more than before after the US tour. My stomach expanded.

I searched about tilapia. It is fish eater llike black bass and The appearance is wired but it tastes good.

I slept at 9pm and woke up at 1am. I couldn’t sleep until 5am. I played a puzzle game Cradle of Empires with iPad. I slept again around 5am until 10am the next morning. I slept half and half.

I did only two things on this day. Traveling and going to Denny’s. The day passed very quickly.

September 30 Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA


I put peanut butter on my toast because didn’t want to eat margarine like yesterday but actually these two are similar.


We left the hotel in Portland at 11am and went to the hotel in Seattle.


After we checked in, I ate seaweed rice ball which I made and miso soup in the room.


Atsuko boiled spaghetti and I got half of it and put Tarako fish roe pasta sauce on it and ate. Is it overeat?


Driving through these places, we went to the venue. I heard that Seattle and Kobe city are sister cities. This area looks like Port Island in Kobe.


Luxury liner is anchoring. Kobe has the same scenery.


Here might be Rokko mountain area if here is Kobe.


Today’s special local poster. Starbucks started from Seattle.

会場のTractor Tavern到着。何度も出してもらっているお馴染みの会場です。

Arrived at Tractor Tavern. We played here several times.

ステージ Stage



After soundcheck, Atsuko and I went to a Mexican restaurant to have dinner. Risa wanted to eat Sushi and went to a Japanese restraint to take out Sushi.

レストランの中。Inside of the restaurant.


I ordered beef tacos. Fried long leeks were on the top of tacos. They tasted so good. Of course tacos were good, too. One portion had 5 tacos but I can eat only 3. I gave one to Atsuko and take away for one.

Yum yum.


Around the venue, there were fashionable shops.


We had time and I wanted to drink coffee. We dropped at a cupcake cafe.


Atsuko and I bought one salt caramel cup cake and had a bite. I took the leftover with me.


It was late and most of all shops were closed. I just took pictures of show windows.


This sign is twirling roasted pig. Funny.


We came back to the venue after dinner.


There were many people at the venue. Today’s show is Sold Out!!

最初のサポートは、Ichi Bichi。

The first support band Ichi Bichi was playing.

2番目に出たのは、Bad Saint.

The second support was Bad Saint.

今日のドラムヘッドアートは、りさちゃん作。タイトルはI am a Cat.

Today’s Drumhead Art is drawn by Risa. The title is I am a Cat.

Live pics by Miyoko


It is no doubt that everybody there got to be cheerful and having fun because of the sold out show. Live show is an exchange of groove between the stage and the audience. Synergistic effect. Thank you very much for coming to our show!

September 29 Dante’s, Portland, OR


We went to the dining around 8:30am. I brought back yogurt, apples or butter to our room and ate them. I found that the “butter” was actually “margarine”. I was a little disappointed.


I had been writing my blog in the room, took a shower and made lunch by myself. This angel hair spaghetti was difficult to boil. The taste was not so good but it was OK.


I soaked 2 cups of rice. I was staying in the hotel room from morning and left to the venue at 4:30.


Took a pic from the car. This pic is not so good but it seems that there is a Chinatown in Portland.


Tall building.

会場到着。向かいの変わり種ドーナツ屋さん、Voodoo Donuts いつも繁盛してるね。

We arrived at the venue. Voodoo Donuts on the other side of the venue is always busy.


This is the venue, Dante’s which we played several times. It is a cool venue.


看板。Sign board

町おこしのスローガン。Keep Portland Weirdが、会場の壁面に書いてあります。「ポートランドを変わり者のままにしよう。」個性的であれ!みたいな所でしょうか。ちょっとした有名スポットです。

The slogan “Keep Portland Weird” is on the wall of the venue. This place is a famous spot.

会場内。Inside of the venue.

サウンドチェック中。Doing soundcheck.


I ate a donut from Miyoko who went to downtown today after soundcheck.


I picked up this pink one. It was cute and delicious.


We were served pizza from the venue kitchen. You can buy it at the venue. It was very big.


I had a piece with sparkling water. I got full.

今日2番目に出演のシアトルのバンド、Ichi Bichi のReikoさんと。2年前もサポートとして出演してもらいました。

We took a picture with Reiko from the second support band today, Ichi Bichi. They supported us 2 years ago, too.


After that I made Drumhead Art. This is my work. The theme is portrait.


Cymbal art by Atsuko.


I cut my guitar strap today. My strap was too long.


I tried to draw picture on it.


And put key chain and made strap.

そうこうしてたら最初のバンド、Thelma & The Sleazeが始まった。脱ぎ入ってます。

Then the first support band Thelma & The Sleaze started to play. The guitarist took off her T-shirt.

2番目のバンドIchi Bichi 。パンチのあるボーカルがチャームポイント。

The second support band Ichi Bichi. Reiko’s powerful voice is their charm point.


Then our turn. It was Saturday night and the show was packed!!


Everybody was so cheerful and excited. Thank you so much!!


I got cute mouse chocolate.


I made steamed rice for two cups by microwave and ate some. Bonito “Furikake” seasoning from Oto’s in Sacramento was delicious.


I made “Onigiri” rice balls and went to bed.

September 28 Travel Day, Sacramento, CA ~ Portland, OR


It takes 9 hours by car without rest from Sacramento to Portland. Risa chose to drive, Atsuko and I chose to buy flight tickets and flew to Portland.


We dropped off the van at the airport. We are two back packers. I had cake from Miyoko and tuna sandwich which I made last night.


I think it is the first time to come to Sacramento airport.

赤うさぎがぶら下がってた。大阪のHep Five のクジラ思い出した。

Big red rabbit was flying. It reminds me of a red whale at a shopping mall Hep Five in Osaka.


I saw many decorations about birds in the airport.


This is water server. We can fill water with the left machine. It’s so useful.


I bought a cup of coffee and ate tuna sandwich at the gate. Delicious!


I will board on a propeller airplane.


Two seats on the both sides.


The US has huge flat ground.


Farm? Huge!


Arrived at Portland!


Displayed tapestries.


I called a taxi using Lyft which is a taxi application for mobile phone and went to a hotel. It’s so useful, helpful and convenient! Everything is getting better day by day. I used Lyft for this time not Uber because I had a coupon.


Atsuko and I checked in the hotel and had a rest. Then we walked to a shopping mall near by.


お店が入らないからか、DMV (車両管理局、大阪で言うたら、門真とか、光明池とかの運転免許センターみたいなんかな。) Department of Motor Vehicles がテナントとして入ってた。

This mall has many empty tenants. I sometimes see such malls in the US. There are huge lands in the US and it might be possible to build new malls easily at more popular spots. This mall looks still new and usable, though.

It is because no tenant or not, DNV, Department of Motor Vehicles was there.


We went to a department store Target in the mall. They sold many Halloween goods. These costumes are cool! I want to try to be a Taco .

LEGOもあります。There are LEGO, too.

結局3時間ぐらいうろうろして、買ったものは、ヘアトリートメントと水。そこの近くの中華のファストフード、Panda Expressで晩御飯を買って帰る事にして、そっちの方に歩いて行ったけど足が疲れたのでベンチで休憩。膝がまた腫れてきてたので、ぼちぼち行く事に。

Walking around 3 hours, I bought a bottle of hair treatment and a bottled water. We decided to grab some food at Panda Express near by and started to walk but I felt tired on my legs. When I sat on a bench, I found my left leg swelled. I started to walk slowly.

Panda Express にて、2食分見当として、こちらを購入。部屋であつこと食べた。



I bought this for my dinner and can keep the leftover for lunch. I ate half of this at the hotel room with Atsuko.

A little after 9pm, Risa and our crew arrived to the hotel safely. Risa said that arrived earlier than her thought. Thanks everyone. John and Jake did great job!

Then I wrote blog and went to bed.

September 27 Goldfield Trading Post, Sacramento, CA

朝起きて、近隣の韓国系パン屋さん「Paris Baguette (パリス・バゲー)」へ。

Got up in the morning, I went to a Korean bakery Paris Baguette near by.


Tons of pastry looks delicious.


I wanted to buy a piece of fancy cake but for my diet, I didn’t buy it. I bought sesame bread and pound cake. Inside of sesame bread was mostly air. You can enjoy crispy surface.


It must be fashionable but a little strange. At the hotel room.

午後3時にホテルを出て会場へ。こちらがGoldfield Trading Post。

Left the hotel at 3 pm and arrived at the venue Goldfield Trading Post.


外壁 Outside wall

会場内。Inside of the venue


Woo! Reindeer?!



バーの方にも、At the bar,


Pheasant and deer?!


Wow! There are more! Goat?!


Finally a head of bison appeared.


What a doll?! It’s a decoration for the support band Fornis.

最初に出るサポート、The Decibelsのグッズコーナー。

This is a merch table for the other support Decibels.

The DecibelsのJoeと。Joeとは、15年前、2003年9月21日に大阪、十三ファンダンゴでDecibels と少年ナイフが一緒にライブをした時以来のお友だちです。

With Joe from The Decibels. We are good friends for 15 years when our bands played together at Juso Fandango, Osaka on September 21, 2003.


Fornis were taking a pic outside.

Decibels のみんなと夕食を食べに行った。お店はこちらの日本食店。

Atsuko and I went to have dinner to a Japanese restaurant with Decibels.


Waiting for dinner.


I had Miso Ramen. It was good. I was the only Ramen eater.


Other people ate this Sushi party plate.


It got dark when we came back to the venue.

今宵のナイフグッズコーナーは鹿頭の下。お茶目な美代子さんaka DJ Sashimi 。いつも大変お世話になってます。

Our merch table is under reindeer head. Cute Miyoko aka DJ Sashimi. Thanks always.

まずはThe Decibels 。アメリカ西海岸における英国マージービート。ええバンドや〜。

The first opener was The Decibels. They are British Mersey beat style. So cool.


The second opener was Fornis. They were good, too.


It’s our show time!

Live pics by Miyoko


Many audience came to our show and smiled during our show. Thank you so much!

ライブ終了後、お客さんが持参されたポスターにサインしました。アメリカでのLet’s Knifeリリース時のポスター。1992年製。年代物!

After show, a fan brought this poster to us to get our autographs. It was a vintage for Let’s Knife album in1992.


Another fan gave us German chocolate. Thanks a lot.

ホテルに帰って、ツナサンドを作りました。Safewayで買ったツナにマヨネーズたっぷり 和えて、胡椒をパラパラ。

I made tuna sandwiches after I came back to the hotel room. I mixed tuna from Safeway and mayonnaise and put some pepper.


Shred green leaves from Japanese-Hawaiian supermarket Oto’s.

日系パン屋さんMahoroba で買った食パンに更にマヨネーズを塗って、ツナとグリーンリーフを挟んで出来上がり。一切れは夜食として食べ、残りは明日の道中弁当として、冷蔵庫に保管。では、おやすみなさい。

Spread mayonnaise on Shoku-pan bread from Japanese bakery Mahoroba and sand tuna and green leaves. I ate a piece and kept others in a refrigerator for tomorrow’s lunch. Good night.