From Naoko

9月3日(日)福岡 Queblik

Sunday, September 3, Queblik, Fukuoka JAPAN


We left Okayama at 7:30 and drove to Fukuoka after breakfast at the hotel.


We had a short break at Fukuyama Service area. The entrance is Japanese style.


I saw Finding Nemo fish there.


Tomato and Cheese Okonomiyaki pancake?! Is it popular in Hiroshima?


There were rice balls from hotel breakfast on Risa’s sheet. Rice balls can be energy for her.


Took a picture with rice balls.


We rested at Kanmon channel between Honshu island and Kyushu island.


Cable of the bridge is so thick.

Pic by Atsushi

Risa, Naru and me


We crossed the bridge and landed in Kyushu island. Then drove a while to Fukuoka city.


We had lunch at a food court of a shopping mall in Fukuoka. I ate Udon noodles and deep fried sardine. Noodles were thin and the portion was so big.


This classical building is Fukuoka City literature center. I took a picture from our car.


Then we arrived at the venue. Beautiful hand writing sign board.


The basement of this building is the venue, Queblik.

入り口。The entrance

ステージ。オープニングアクトはDim Dam Donkey。彼らとは、数年前小倉で対バンして以来の再会。そのご縁で彼らのアルバムにコメントをかかせてもらいました。

The stage. Opening act was Dim Dam Donkey. They opened for our show a few years in Kokura City, too.

We ROCKed a lot!!! Thank you for coming to our show!!!


ライブ終了後、noodles の皆さんと。左から、わたくし、Yokoさん、なるちゃん、Ikunoさん、Ayumiさん、りさちゃん。ギター、ベース、ドラムの順に並びました。noodlesは日本のバンドの中でも大好きなバンドの一つです。一緒にツアーした2日間、とても充実していました。おつかれさまでした。

↓ noodlesのYokoさんと私の対談記事のリンクです。ご参考まで。

After show with noodles. Left to Right: Naoko (me), Yoko, Naru, Ikuno, Ayumi and Risa. The order is Guitarists, Bassists and Drummers. I like noodles a lot. They are one of my fave Japanese band. I had very good time with them. Thanks a lot!

夕食は、長浜屋台、一心亭で。noodlesのみんなと、オープニングアクトのDim Dam Donkeyのメンバーと、スタッフのみなさんと歓談させてもらいました。

We had dinner at a Ramen restauran “Isshin Tei” with the members of noodles, the opening act Dim Dam Donkey and crew. I had very good time with them.


Ramen Rock! I love Kyushu style Tonkotsu Ramen.


I ordered “Kaedama” which is another portion of noodles for Ramen.


Good night! Elephant Pao Pao.

9月2日(土)岡山 Pepperland

Saturday, September 2nd, Pepperland, Okayama JAPAN

We had 2 shows in Okayama and Fukuoka, JAPAN on September 2nd and 3rd with a three piece all female band “noodles” who released their new album Metaltic Nocturne and our 712 Day Party tour of West Japan.

We left Osaka at 7:00am on Sept. 2nd and arrived at Okayama around noon including some rest. We had lunch at “Family Restaurant” diner close to the venue. There were many families with kids there because of it was Saturday.

9月2日と3日は、女性3人組バンドnoodles とのカップリングツアーで岡山と福岡でライブをしました。noodlesの新作Metaltic Nocturneのツアーおよび、我々の712 Day Partyの西日本編として。



I ordered fried chicken and vegetables with black vinegar sauce. Then we loaded in to the venue Pepperland.


Pepperland is a kind of “Oasis” of the Okayama rock scene. Great venue.


I used my custom made guitar of Fujigen Guitar company.


My effect pedals. I taped them for fixing the dial during shows.


Interesting art on the wall.

Opening act #1, Mirrorlakes

Opening act #2, aaps

ミラーレイクス、aaps が演奏の後、我々の出番。ライブには、日本各地から、ナイフキッズが集結してくれました。オーストラリア人のお客さんも居られました。見に来てくれた皆さんありがとう!

Opening acts were local bands Mirrorlakes and aaps. Then our turn. Many people from all over Japan and even some people were from Australia came to see us. Thanks a lot!!!


My new shirt is black and white stripes. It reminds me of a Japanese band 50 Kaitenz.


We went to Racco’s Burger for dinner after show.

オープニングアクトを務めて頂いた、ミラーレイクスさん、asps の皆さんと歓談のひと時。noodles は、夜の間に福岡へ移動との事で先に出発されました。おいしいバーガーをペロリと平らげて、宿に帰って就寝。

We had a great time with Mirrorlakes and aaps. noodles drove to Fukuoka right after show. I ate up the delicious burger and french fries quickly and went to bed.

712 Day Party 2017 Osaka

7月15日(土) 大阪、心斎橋SOMA

Saturday, July 15th SOMA, Shinsaibashi, Osaka

いよいよ 712 Day Party 2017 最終日。わたしのホームタウン大阪でライブです。大阪は大阪でもミナミエリアはわたしのホームグラウンド。家から近いと楽やわ~。お昼過ぎに会場着、機材の搬入をしてサウンドチェックなどあっという間にショータイムとなりました。写真は出番直前の一コマ。なるちゃんとりさちゃんがおちょけつつ、気合を入れてはります。

The final day of 712 Day Party 2017 Japan tour has come! It’s a show at my hometown Osaka. I feel easy to play around ‘Minami Area’ of the downtown Osaka because it’s close to my house. We loaded in to the venue around 2:00p.m. and did sound check. Time passed so quickly being busy for setting up and the show time came soon. This picture was taken just before going to the stage. Risa and Naru are doing funny.

Pix by Atsushi



Thanks to the great audience, our show became hot and excited. There were many people who came from far away. Thank you for coming!

We set the time for door open at 17:00 and start at 17:30 for weekend show. It might be convenient for the audience because they can go to eat dinner or drink after show and if they are from a little far away town, they can go home after show.

ライブ後、本日のオープニングアクトを務めてくださった the Valentines のみなさんと。みなさん、かわいい!

A picture with the opening band the Valentines. Cute!

それから、いつもグッズコーナー等手伝っていただいている、AlReady Yours のドラマー、かなこちゃんと記念撮影。90年代からお世話になっています。ありがとう。

One more picture with Kanako, the drummer from AlReady Yours who is helping our merch table. She helps us since 90’s. Thanks!

そして、712 Day 大阪、締めくくりの写真は、大分から駆けつけてくださった、りさちゃんのお父上と妹君、ファミリーバンド「BRINKY」のみなさんと。いつもあたたかいご支援ありがとうございます!

ということで、712 Day Party 2017、盛況のうちに無事終えることができました。見に来てくださった方々に感謝します。ありがとう!!!


With our drummer Risa’s dad and her younger sister. They form a family band BRINKY. I thank to their  support.

Thanks to Shonen Knife friends at our shows in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, we could finish the tour successfully. I’m grateful.

Our next shows will be held in Okayama and Fukuoka, Japan. Let’s have fun!

712 Day Party 2017 Tokyo and Nagoya

7月7日(金) 移動日、大阪から東京へ

Friday July 7, Travel Day from Osaka to Tokyo


All of us got together and left Osaka at 10:00a.m. We had a lunch break at a track service.


I had chicken curry and rice.

この日は七夕です。It was Tanabata, the star festival.


Driving and driving, we arrive at Tokyo around 6:30. After we loaded in the place we stay, we had dinner.


Firstly, we ordered beer. Mine is only one of these, though.


And Tofu salad and a little of cod roe spaghetti.


Naru the Beer Queen had another mug of beer, Sweet Princess Risa had Ice cream for dessert. I had a glass of wine. I really love it. Then everyone went to bed.

7月8日(土) ライブ at 新代田FEVER

Saturday, July 8th Live at FEVER, Shindaita, Tokyo


We loaded in to the venue, FEVER around noon.


This is our merch table. Our new items are 712 Day 2017 stripe T-shirt.

我々のサウンドチェックの後、オープニングアクトのthe Pats Patsの皆さんがサウンドチェックしておられる所をパチリ。かわいい!

After our sound check, I took a picture of today’s opening act the Pats Pats who were sound checking. Cute!





Thank you for the beautiful flower!

魚眼レンズつけたらちょっとピンぼけになりましたが、出番前に楽屋にてthe Pats Patsと記念撮影。

I took a picture with the Pats Pats before our show time at a dressing room. I put fish eye lens on my cell phone camera and it became a little out of focus.


Risa is setting the drums and I took a picture with Naru.

Pix by Atsushi


Then our show time. Tokyo is HOT! Rising to fever pith at FEVER!!! Thanks a lot for coming to our show!!!


An woman who is wearing a cap is Komujim. She drew the poster for 712 Day Party 2017 tour. Thanks for the cute poster.

そして、少年ナイフのTシャツやPop Tuneのアルバムジャケットのイラストを描いてくださっている斉藤マミさんと。

With an illustrator Mami Saito who did our Pop Tune album jacket and T-shirt design.


She had been having an exhibition of her works on that day. She must have been busy but thanks for coming!


I had eggs on stir-fried rice. It called Omu Rice in Japanese.

7月9日(日) ライブ at 名古屋 池下 CLUB UP SET

Sunday, July 9th Live at CLUB UPSET, Ikeshita, Nagoya


We left Tokyo in the morning and off to Nagoya. I couldn’t see Mt. Fuji on the way because of the weather.


At a track stop on the way.


There is a clothing shop there.


Track stops on Shin-Toumei highway are brand new and it looks like small sized shopping malls. They sell various elaborated souvenirs. The menu from the food courts are a little expensive. We used to have very special track stop menu like fried sardine set meal or pork miso soup set meal but there are no more. I miss that.


I had Pork cutlet Don with Miso sauce for lunch. The portion was very big and I couldn’t eat all of them.



Then we arrived at Nagoya safely. I was so busy for sound check and set merch table and had no time to take pictures. The show went very well. The audience seemed enjoying our show very much. Thanks a lot!!!

Pix by Atsushi

ライブ終了後、東京、名古屋とオープニングアクトを務めてもらった、とってもかわいらしい the Pats Patsのみなさんと記念撮影。おつかれさまでした!

We took a picture with the Pats Pats who opened up for our show. They are so cute. Thanks a lot.

June 24, 2017 Sled Island, Calgary CANADA Day#3

今日は帰る日。カルガリーからバンクーバー経由の関西国際空港へ。帰りはAir Canada Rougeと言って、なんやろ、ちょっとカジュアルなLCCっぽいフライトです。液晶画面も機内には無くて、前もって自分のタブレットにアプリをダウンロードして、それで機内のWifiで映画などを見ます。あつこはロサンゼルスへ、みよこさんはトロント経由でバッファローへそれぞれの便に搭乗します。わたしとりさちゃんの便が一番早いので、ゲートまで見送りにきてくれました。別れを惜しんでいざ搭乗。

It was a travel day from Calgary to Osaka-Kansai via Vancouver. We took Air Canada Rouge for the return trip which is a kind of casual, LCC, Low-cost carrier, style flights. The airplane doesn’t have LCD screens. The passengers have to download the application beforehand and are able to watch movies during the flight via Wifi. Atsuko will flight to Los Angeles and Miyoko will go to Buffalo via Toronto. Risa and my flight is the earliest and they came to see us off to the gate. I will miss everybody. Then it’s time to board.


We go to Vancouver first for transfer. We had no time to find any souvenir at Calgary so I walked around Vancouver airport with Risa for an hour. Please do not feed the bear!?


Seems like Chinese Japanese. Full of Chow Mein in a bowl.


Vancouver airport is big.


There were a big fish tank.


After 10 hours 50 minutes flight, we arrived at Osaka-Kansai Airport. This picture is the sea of Sen-nan area on the way home from the airport. The tour of 4 days 2 night passed very quickly but we had so many audience and very kind Sled Island volunteers, I could have a very rewarding experience. Thank you everybody!

少年ナイフ、次のライブは、「712 Day Party 2017」東京、名古屋、大阪です。ぜひお越しください!

Shonen Knife’s next shows are, ‘712 Day Party 2017’ tour in Japan. We’ll play in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Please come to our show!

Sat. July 8, Sin-Daita FEVER, Tokyo

Sun. July 9, Ikeshita CLUB UP SET, Nagoya

Sat. July 15, Shinsaibashi SOMA

These shows will start from 5:30. Don’t miss it!