Sunday, November 25 live at THREE, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo


It was the first day of the event ‘Space Adventure’ which is organized by Shonen Knife. We loaded in to the venue ‘THREE’ in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. We’ve ever played at ‘BASEMENT BAR’, the next-door club of ‘THREE’ in 2013, 2014 etc but it was the frist time for us to play at ‘THREE’.


The handrail of the stairs is artistic.


This is the stage. The shape is triangle.



‘Team papalion’ came to help our show today. They helped us the day before at Shinjuku LOFT, too.

Three people from the left on the back row are the band ‘papalion’. A woman on the right on the back row is Mami Saito who is an illustrator.

After I set the stage and the merch table, we went to eat dinner to the neighbours. What did I eat? Ah, I ate Tenshin-han which is Japanese-Chinese style egg rice bowl. I forgot to take a picture. Then our show started.

Live pics by Atsushi


We played 60 minutes set plus encore including old songs and new songs. Our audience looked happy and I’m very honored.

ライブ終了後に、本日のゲスト「Magic Drums & Love」の皆さんと記念撮影。「マジドラ」可愛くて素敵なバンドです。ベースの田代くん(右端)にはブッキング等お世話になりました。ありがとう。

We took a picture with the front act ‘Magic Drums & Love’ after show. They are a cute and nice band. The bassist Tashiro worked for this booking. Thanks a lot!


We got beautiful flowers. Thank you so much!


Izakaya, Hikari-no Mori catered at the venue. They gave us some food. I ate these after show before go to bed. Everything was so delicious. Thanks!

Saturday, November 24 A Day Off in Tokyo



We usually have no time to see around in Tokyo but we could have a day off this time and enjoyed sightseeing. I visited Kamiari-mon Gate at Senso-ji Temple. This area looks rather the Edo than Tokyo. I love this old atmosphere. There were many people from all over the world.

仲見世通り。Nakamise street.

お寺の門。The gate of the temple.


I walked to TokyoSkytree tower from there.


I crossed Sumida river.

Tokyo Skytree Station.



From the bottom of the tower. It’s too big to take a picture.


Christmas market was held.


There was a beautiful flower bed.


Skytree town shopping mall, Soramachi includes cool gift shops and Pokémon Center.


Harry Potter’s movei, ‘Fantastic Beasts’ did promotion in the building.


I had cream pasta for my late lunch.


I came to Shibuya. There were many people as usual at the big crossing called Scrambled Intersection in Shibuya.


Christmas decoration everywhere.


I had hamburg steak with cheese for dinner. Ate heavy food and went to bed.

Friday, November 23 at Shinjuku Loft, Tokyo

11月23日(金・祝) 東京、新宿ロフト

新宿ロフトで行われたTHOGO FEST 2018に出演しました!

We played at THOGO  FEST 2018 at Shinjuku Loft, Tokyo.


Here is Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo. The famous old music club Shinjuku Loft is in the basement of this building.

ビルの前の様子。The view in front of the building.


I’ve heard that more than 100 musicians will play today. I expected significant congestion at the dressing room and we’ve already wore our stage costumes and loded in. Took a pic with an Enka Singer Seiji Miyoshi. He wore a gorgeous stage costume.


Next pic with Komadori Shimai sisters. They are legendary twins of Japanese Enka duo. They are almost 80 years old and keep singing more than 60 years. They were friendly and nice ladies.


With the organizer of this festival, THOGO. Thanks for inviting us!


Beautiful flower gifts at the entrance.


I prepared our merch table and got ready for the show. I felt time flies quickly. There were so many audience.

Live pic by Atsushi



I made a “best hit” set for the 30 minutes show. We could have great time with our audience. There were many people who saw us first time. It became a good opportunity to share our music.


The drummer from a band Otogivanashi, Keisuke came to see us. Thanks a lot!


Thursday, November 22, Travel Day from Osaka to Tokyo

11月22日(木)移動日 大阪から東京へ


We left Osaka in the evening by car and had a rest at a track stop, Kariya Service Area. It is always crowded because it is a popular track stop. We rarely dropped there but we could park our car at night.


I ate Miso Nikomi Udon Noodles at the food court. Miso Nikomi Udon is a famous local food in Nagoya area.


Illuminations at the service area. Beautiful!


I found ‘face chairs’ at Shizuoka Service Area we dropped next to Kariya.


Sponge Lego area for kids at the Service Area.


It’s in Shizuoka prefecture but they sold sweets from Kansai area.



They decorated Gundam. I don’t know much about it, though.

I felt that it took very long driving from Osaka to Tokyo today. We arrived at Tokyo in the midnight and went to bed.

Sat. October 27 Vintage, Wakayama


I had baked cheese cake from Rikuro’s bakery which is a famous local sweets in Osaka for breakfast and went to Wakayama city.


It took an hour and a little more from Osaka city to Wakayama city by car. The traffic was smooth without traffic jam. We had lunch at a shopping mall Mio at Wakayama station. Other than me went to eat Wakayama Ramen but I wanted to eat rice but noodles. I usually choose noodles but I don’t know why I picked rice. Then I ate Kitsune Don which is sweetened and a little of soy sauce seasoned deep-fried tofu and scrambled egg in bonito soup on rice. Deep-fried tofu was very sweet but my stomach satisfied with it.


After lunch, I went to a grocery and souvenir store on the upper floor and bought a box of Umeboshi, pickled plum and sesame tofu. Both of these are local food from Wakayama. I love sesame tofu a lot.


This sign, I can see “If you turn right, ‘Osaka City Office’ “. But actually, ‘Osaka’ and ‘(Wakayama) City Ocffice’ if you turn right. ‘Wakayama Station’, ‘Tebira’ and ‘City Office’ are close but ‘Osaka’ is very far from this point. I think the balance of the distance are wired. Anyway, I felt this is interesting and took a picture.


After that we loaded in to the venue ‘Vintage’ on the 4th floor of this building. The name of this building is ‘Kitashinchi Building’. ‘Kitashinichi’ is a name of town in Osaka. May be the road sign of ‘Osaka City Office’ is correct.?? Lol!


There was the poster for this music event on the entrance of the building. The event title is ‘Lorelco Night 8’. Lorelco is the same name with a medicine for hyper lipemia of Otsuka Pharmaceutical.


T-shirts at merch table. There is Yellow Machingun’s shirt, too.

私たちの曲、All you can eatで使用のカズーセット作りました。カズーと、私の脱力系ピック、そしてアメリカツアーのポストカードのセットです。

We made Kazoo Set. Kazoo was played at our song ‘All you can eat’. The set includes a Kazoo, my drawing pick and the US tour post card.

グッズコーナー設営完了、そしてサウンドチェック。写真はYellow Machinegunのサウンドチェック。

We finished to set up the merch table and did soundcheck. This picture is Yellow Machinegun’s soundcheck.


We got this artistic drawing from our fan. Naru’s face is look like! I like Risa’s eyes.

ステージに出る前に、Yellow Machinegunのみんなと記念撮影。イエマシの音楽は大好きだし、けっこう長くやってる女性3ピースバンド同士、通じるところがあるんだよなぁ。近々じっくりおしゃべりしようと思います。

We took a picture with Yellow Machinegun befor the show. I love their music and they are also all girl’s 3 piece band with long carrier. I feel sympathy with them a lot. I’d like to have an opportunity to talk with them in the near future.

Gold Bug, Suck Piggy, Jinny Oops!と3バンドが白熱のステージを展開。見に行きたかったけど、フロアは満員で入る余地がなかったので、楽屋で音だけ聞かせてもらいました。そして、我々の出番。6週間のアメリカツアーから帰って初のライブ、大変に盛り上がりました。遠くから来てくれたお客さんも多数。みなさん、本当にありがとう!!

These three bands, Gold Bug, Suck Piggy and Jinny Oops! played well. I wanted to see their stage but the show was packed and there was no room to enter. I listened the sound at the dressing room. And our show tim! It was the first show after the 6 weeks US tour. The show rose to fever pitch. Some of our fans came from far away towns. Thank you so much!!

Live pics by Atsushi

会場入り口のバナー。我々のアルバムPop Tuneのジャケットや、Tシャツをデザインしてくれている斉藤マミさんのデザイン。

The banner for the event at the entrance. This illustration was drawn by Mami Saito who made our album, Pop Tune’s artwork and T-shirts.

Yellow Machinegunのライブ!白熱のステージ!

Yellow Machinegun is now playing! So excited!




11月25日の下北沢ThreeでゲストにMagic, Drums & Love。


Everything was finished and loaded out. Christmas tree shape lights at the front of the Kitashinchi Building were lit up. We drove back to Osaka. See you next time!

Our next show is at THOGO FEST on November 23rd at Shinjuku Loft, Tokyo.

Then our event ‘Space Adventure 2018’ will be held.

November 25th at ‘Three’, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. Guest band: Magic, Drums & Love

December 8th at ‘Fandango’, Juso, Osaka. Guest Band: noodles

Please, please come to our show! Let’s have fun!


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