April 12, Boileroom, Guildford UK

4月12日(水)Boileroom イギリスのギルドフォード

11時過ぎに宿を出て朝食を食べに、あつこさんとWeather Spoon へ。マッシュルームエッグベネディクトを注文。おいしい!!これはリピートか!
After 11am Atsuko and I went to have breakfast to Weather Spoon. I ordered Mushroom Benedict. Yummy. I may eat it again?!

Departed London at 2pm and drove 2 hours, we arrived at the venue. I have ever been here sometimes before.

Load in, setting of stage and merch table then dinner was from their kitchen. I ordered chicken wings. I was so hungry and ate egg salad sandwiches from catering before chicken wings. I like eggs.

It’s show time! It was a first show of our UK tour after 4 years! The show was packed and everyone there looked happy to see us. I was happy, too. Our show finished successfully.

I used this shiny guitar strap today from our fan in Brussels. Thank you!

My special Guitar stand.

There were a long queue in front of the merch table after show. Sorry for waiting. I thank to people who came to our show. Arigato! Thank you.

April 7 Paris France 🇫🇷 Petit Bain (Atsuko)

We left our hotel in Brussels and went to the van parked in front of the venue. The window was broken. Shocking…. Fortunately, nothing was taken. We had left our equipments at the venue. Naoko and Kenkichi went to the police. Risa and I stayed at the venue.

Risa and I carried our equipments toward the entrance. I was tired of waiting for about 2 hours on my feet.

Outside, the lawn mowing was finished, and the staff was gone…

Naoko and Kenkichi came back from the police and cleaned the broken glass, loaded up the equipments, and finally left to Paris.

Toilet break. Free toilets are usually like this. I wonder where the toilet seat is. I took a picture of the Dutch wallpaper two days ago because the flower garden toilet was so unusual!

We finally made it to Paris! But the traffic jam…

Huh, We’ve finally arrived! This is the venue


Dinner at the venue’s restaurant. The menu was vegetarian and vegan only. I had soba noodles with stir-fried veggies and pickled eggs, sort of. I was hungry and finished it, though.

The live show was filled with many people. Everyone was smiling, singing and dancing. It was a fun and good live performance. Right? Thank you Paris! 

Live pics by Kenkichi 

During the encore, when Naoko said about the heart T-shirt, “It’s Atsuko’s design,” there was a “Atsuko call” which made me happy. Thank you very much!


Check-in took a long time, and after waiting for over an hour, We finally got hotel rooms. It was late, but I was too hungry to sleep, so I ate a instant noodles. The company of AJINOMOTO, it tasted okay.

Too much going on from morning to night on the last day in continental Europe! But I love Europe! Tomorrow we leave at 9am for London, England.

See you all in Europe!

April 6 Brussels Belgium 🇧🇪 Botanique (Atsuko)

Good morning! Naoko and I had to change from twin rooms to a single room for each of us, so we checked out at 11:00 a.m. and went out in the rain to have lunch since we had no room until check-in at 2:00. We got lost and ended up at a restaurant. I had chicken masala.

We entered our new room and immediately went to the venue. Botanique is a cultural center in a large greenhouse building in the former Brussels Botanical Gardens and has several venues. We played at one of them.

Inside the venue.

We were served dinner at the venue’s cafe. The starter was broccoli soup. And I thought it was salmon with mashed potatoes, but it was mashed potatoes with leaks and salmon flakes.

Risa and I went to the sushi place we went to yesterday and I bought the same salmon and avocado bao as yesterday for my late night meal. I like that!

Exterior view of Botanique. The circular roof area is the venue for tonight’s event. In the foreground is the old botanical garden.

There were many people who came to the concert and sang with us and had a great time. Several people told me they had seen Shonen Knife 30 years ago. Thank you very much!

A customer gave me a nice blue strap to match new outfit. I am very happy.