April 4 Amsterdam Netherlands 🇳🇱 Melkweg (Atsuko)

Good morning!

Risa cooked steak from morning and ate it. Power!

A little earlier than the venue entry time, we went to Amsterdam. I saw interesting buildings.

We went to a Udon noodle shop for lunch in Amsterdam! I ate Kitsune Udon and Kakiage. (deep fried bean curd and tempura) The noodles were delicious!

We took a walk.

Royal Palace Amsterdam. I want to take a tour inside next time.

We took a break at the cake shop. I had a macaroon and a cappuccino. I prefer sweets than flowers.

This is the view of Amsterdam.

We stopped the flower market and went to the venue.

Here is the venue, MELKWEG, since I played here in the 90’s.

いくつか会場があって今回はUPSTAIRS で。スタッフの方々がテキパキと搬入やらセッティングを手伝ってくれました。
There were several rooms in this venue, this time we played at UPSTAIRS.  The staff was quick and efficient in helping us loaded in and set up out gears.


We rejoined David, who was our tour manager on our 2014 UK tour. He is now the stage manager of this venue. I was surprised to see him again at this place‼︎

We had dinner at the venue’s cafe. Pork with rice.

懐かしいお顔もちらほら見えました。皆さんのエネルギーをもらってこちらも楽しいショーとなりました。 ありがとう〜!
I saw a few familiar faces here and there. The energy from everyone made the show enjoyable for us as well. Thank you Amsterdam!

APRIL 7, Petit Bain, Paris France

4月7日(金) Petit Bain、フランスのパリ
We checked out the hotel in Brussels at 10am and walked to the venue last night Botanique. We left our equipment in the venue because the security around the venue was not so good. Arrived at the venue and walked to our van parked in front of the venue. Oh, no! Our van’s window was smashed by someone! Terrible!

A security guy at the venue took our tour manager Kenkichi and me to a police station in the neighbors. Police officer said that we need to take the van to the police station because the police usually don’t come only smashed the car window. We went back to the venue to took the van. Anyway, we got a certification of crime damage and went back to the venue and loaded our equipment. Atsuko and Risa who were waiting at the venue have already carry some equipment to the entrance.

I saw some smashed windows around here after I arrived but I couldn’t imagined that our van damaged! We always be careful when we are touring in the US and keep our van empty but are we naive this time?
The security guy did first aid treatment for the car window. Wow, so kind. Merci!

We lost 2 hours for the accident and got very tired but drove to Paris. On the way, the first aid window was almost blow away on the highway and repaired again at a parking. We arrived at the venue one hour before the door open time. This is the venue which we played 4 years ago. It’s in a boat in the La Seine.

We loaded in, did setting and line check quickly.

I haven’t eaten almost nothing and rushed to the venue restaurant.

I ordered “vege soba”. It’s Japanese soba noodles but the taste of soup but the flavor was very different.

There was an opening act. We’ve been playing as one-man show in these many shows but we had to change the equipment on that day.
Then show time! It was the last show of the continental European tour! Many people came to the show! They seems that have already known our songs. They sang along us and danced. I felt like our audience are a big family of ours. Thanks a lot! Merci!

Many people came to our merch table. When we mostly finished, Risa joined us. She had to cleaned up the stage. Three of us did autograph session.
We got into the van and drove to an indoor parking for security. Here is in a big bus terminal and the parking fee was around EUR 120. Wow, expensive! Our van’s height is high and can be parked at a high sealing parking or outdoor. I wish our van’s height is a bit more lower.

We took our suitcases from the van and walked to take a taxi. Taxi cost EUR 50 to a hotel. We were very exhausted and arrived at the hotel around midnight. A guy at the reception was wired. He couldn’t arrange our rooms. Reservation names were different, too. The names were Naoko Yamano, Michie Nakatani and Mana Nishiura. What’s happened? The guy said they had only a room for 4 people. What? Are you kidding? Other guy appeared to the reception and finally we got 4 single rooms. We had to wait an hour at the hotel lobby and got into the room at 1:30am. So tired. Very tired. But anyway, I was happy the show went well.